Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Notre Dame Mentor Says: Be Prepared

MBAs should start their job search early, not take it personally, and be familiar with "99% of the questions they will receive in the interview," says Karen O. Dowd

Q: What is your philosophy on the job search?
A: The MBA world is smaller than people think. There are about 500 companies actively hiring in the MBA marketplace, nationally and internationally. Students must work to understand the key industries, functions, and companies that already believe in the value of MBAs. From there, they can narrow down where they might fit. A lot of prospective students make the mistake of coming here assuming that the whole world is at their feet. The more successful students will understand the MBA market earlier and be more efficient in their job search efforts.

Q: Are certain MBAs having more success in their job searches?
A: The job search is the most demoralizing, de-energizing thing a person can go through because it's extremely deflating to one's ego. Most people cannot stand the idea of picking up the phone and making a cold call. Every time they are interacting with people for those two years, they are being evaluated. The students who are more upbeat and don't take things personally are the ones who are most successful.

Q: How do you encourage students to express themselves in an interview?
A: I tell students they have to be natural. The more natural they are, the better the dialogue will be. It's imperative that they feel confident going in that they are the best match for that position. If a student can't make a convincing case in 10 seconds or less about why he or she is the best person for that job, then he or she shouldn't be interviewing. Before the interview, candidates must prepare so they won't be caught off guard. They should be familiar with 99% of the questions they will receive.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Feels real good to be at home with folks on Holi after such a long time.!
Holi Hai!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Short & sweet MBA catches on in India.,curpg-1.cms

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Rock , waitlisted at ISB with a 690 on GMAT was offered an admission recently.He has an another admit somewhere else.Will he join the Indian School of Business?.Let us wait and watch.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Am in Hyderabad. Went to Deccan park my office. Since ISB was closeby, stopped by to meet the adcom. Met Mr Srinath and Mr Menon and once again listened to their gyaan.
I was asked to reapply next year..He he!
And the avg GMAT this year could be higher than 710+.
7 admitted students had asked for deferrals but were denied.
Wanted to meet Vineet but he was busy.

More later when I get back home..

Saturday, March 12, 2005

All set to go.

I just checked in my luggage, went through the security checks, had my coffee and am now all set to start my journey. I will be shortly taking a flight to Newark and from there will take the flight to India in the evening. I am carrying 2 check in baggages and both of them weighed more than 70 pounds.For a second, I wondered if I was carrying stones in my bag.!!I hated myself for it.

When I got up in the morning today, there was a feeling of emptiness within me.I have been in this place since July 03 and I kinda knew it pretty well.I was getting attached to it.This is a small, "not so cool" place ..Yet,I like it coz it was quiet and peaceful.My personal opinion is that if you are a poet or an artist, this place can provide you the ideal surroundings to bring out ur creativity.:)

The last one year have been very different.Most of the people with whom I have interacted are the ones whom I never met.So, this post goes as a tribute to all of them.When I was down and low, just chatting and sharing my thoughts with them induced confidence within me.I would definitely want to meet each of them some day.

I will make a visit to ISB in May and will give Dip,Bharani,Rohit a surprise.I would also like to meet Rohit Koshie coz he has been very visible in the yahoo groups ;).
I will stay in touch with Rock coz he has plans of starting a company after graduating from Chicago GSB and I might work for him. :)

K is the one with whom I had interacted the most.On speaking to him for the first time, I realized that both of us are from the same state.And then he surprised me when I got to know that he is my cousin's good pal and ...then we ended up getting WL at ISB and the bond became stronger. He he.!! One should listen to our converstaions and u'll know how much we curse the monster GMAT exam and the ruthless admission commitee. :D

Life will take a different path from now. The next few days will be spent meeting friends, loved ones and spending time with them.It will be good. The Indo-Pak cricket season is on and itz the right time for me to be head back home.

I would love to see genius Sachin score a triple century in this series.
Good luck folks..and I'll keep updating my blog from India.!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Good bye Colorado

Had lunch with my favorite project lead now at an Italian resturant.We had a good discussion over a lot of things in life.He would retire in the next 4 yrs and wants to visit India after that for a pleasure trip. His wife is from Poland and has a strong liking for Indian traditions and customs. So,I told him that should I get married then, they should attend the wedding.:). They immediately agreed.

Well...This is my last post from Colorado Springs office.I have liked this place and the ppl here. They have been very nice.I will miss all that.

The next post from me might be when I have packed all my stuff or when Iam at the airport.I seem to blog the most in airports.!

Bye Bye America and Namaste India..Here I come !

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Boost my ego :)

Infectious smile
Wonderful team worker
Inspiring leader
You'll enjoy drinking beer with him.
A bit moody..
Bad roomie (always hooked to the internet)

These are some of the feedback I got in my farewell party at office today. Had a feeling of emptiness within me when I was asked to give a speech.When I joined this account,we were a mere 12 member team..and now we stand at 120 (onshore and offshore combined).I started as an effective team worker(July 2003) and slowly moved to a position where I kinda told ppl what to do.Working with ppl from SE Asia, Europe and North America was the best experience.

Interestingly,the Toastmaster session that I attended today morning had a surprise for me. The Indian flag was kept next to the American flag when the folks were taking the Pledge of Allegiance. I liked it. Clap..Clap !!

I will miss the work enviornment here. I will miss the people here. I will miss the toastmasters session.Itz not gonna be B school for me this year as I had initially planned it.But then there will definitely be something better coz I have worked hard for it and am sure I'll be rewarded.

I plan to learn French and guitar if I get somet time in India. Two things I have always wanted to do.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An affair to remember

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'Harry Stonecipher was forced to resign as Boeing's CEO because of what the company calls an improper relationship with a female executive'

Boeing Co. forced its chief executive to resign after an investigation uncovered that he had an affair with a female employee.Harry C. Stonecipher, 68, had rejoined Boeing from retirement 15 months ago to help repair the aerospace giant's reputation after a string of military procurement scandals led to the resignation of his predecessor.

It was another embarrassing blow for Chicago-based Boeing, whose former chief financial officer Michael M. Sears was sentenced to four months in prison last month for illegally negotiating a job at the company for a former Air Force procurement official who admitted showing Boeing favoritism for years.

The woman did not work directly for Stonecipher, and he did not show her preferential treatment, company officials said. The executive is "several levels down in the company," said an official.

Ouch...The personal life space affected one's professional space and things got messed up.

Did he do anything wrong? Am not sure..What do I say...Was watching TV at the service station when my car was being repaired where I saw some discussion happening in the TV.

Here are some stats of a survey they showed on TV:

56% of Americans at some time in their career have an affair with a co-worker.
18% of Americans have an affair with a superior official at work.

I and my friend were having a discussion wondering whether Boeing did the right thing.Something like this happening in India would definitely hog the limelight and is a big NO.But in America. ?

Do you agree Boeing's CEO should have been ousted for his relationship with a female executive?

Vote here . The results are pretty interesting.

Do share ur comments.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

5 things that I would like to see in the near future:

- K moving from the Wait List to Admitted status at ISB.
- Bharani clearing the Driving test ;)
- Metal making it to CMU
- BJ making it to NUS
- CV making it to ISB next year.He deserves it.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Decision made!

Got a deferal for admissions at Queen's by a year for some personal reasons.
Heading to India this saturday.

Will be there in Hyderabad for a couple of days and after that will head staight to home.Will spend the next 1 year in India before heading to Queen's.
Nah, no thoughts about applying to any other school.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Business World India has some good coverage on Indian B schools:

Check the details here

Friday, March 04, 2005


For some personal reasons, I am seriously thinking of deferring my admission by a year at Queen's

Nah, it is not for ISB or some other school. Queen’s has convinced me and I will join that place.

But there is something back home that needs my attention. I might not even solve the problem but then perhaps my staying back at home might give my folks some confidence.

Life does not go by our terms...But then we gotta negotiate with it. I will check with Queen's folks to check if they are okay with a deferral.

Current Mood: Head or Heart..From where do I think

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Kinds of people you meet in an Organiztion

From the recent training that we gave at Denver last week.

Oppressor : My focus is on ensuring obedience. I am anxious to achieve targets. I believe in strictly following procedures.
I stake my loyalty to the system

Spectator :I am located inside the system but am untouched by it.
I offer no action : I stake nothing

Follower : I see the gap between the ideal and the real, feel moved to act, but, feel inadequate to take any responsibility for the action. I will go along with any action suggested by persons taking charge of the situation.
I offer my energy and resources and stake my faith in the system

Clerk : I keep track of events in a routine way. I withhold all my capabilities. I have no dreams. I take no initiatives.
I am a faithful automaton, I stake nothing

Victim : I wish to belong to the system but am forced to give up parts of myself in order to belong to the system. I am always at the receiving end.
I stake my pride.

Controller : I use authority and power vested by the given structure to command and ensure compliance. I cherish efficiency but do not create space for initiative, dissent or innovation.
I stake my vulnerability/ usefulness

Soldier : I act on the givens and precedents. I limit myself to the boundaries of tasks as defined by others. I am dedicated to the one who instructs.
I stake my loyalty and efficiency to the system

Rebel : I feel strongly for the system. I wish to belong but am not willing to accept rigidity. I become reactive to authority in this process.
I stake my continuity in the system

Trader: I am committed to my needs, aware of my capabilities and I negotiate the best possible price for it.
I stake my worth.

Individual Performer : My focus is on the excellence of my performance. Others are contributors to my performance.
I stake my reputation

Team Captain : I uphold the values and purpose of the system; I manage boundaries, nourish people in my team, solve problems and discover the best fit between constraints and opportunities.
I stake my career and my future in the system

Craftsperson : My focus is in work quality. I learn constantly and improve my capabilities.
I stake my self worth

Team Player : I understand the interdependence of my/other’s decisions/actions vis-a-vis goals of the system. I address the needs of the self AND the system in simultaneity.
I stake my faith in the mutuality of the system

Coach : I am committed to nurture others. I am focussed on helping others discover their potential. I offer my experience and insight.
I stake my trust in the commitment of others to excel

Hunter : I scan for opportunity, I am focused on action. I can assert myself and pursue targets energetically
I stake my capacities and competitiveness to the system

Leader : I am committed to expanding the frontiers of the system, help others discover their potentials and nurture them. I offer my experience and insight.
I stake my trust in others and future resource base of the system

Explorer : I have the passion for discovery - I walk into unknown and actively look for opportunities. I am committed to expanding the frontiers of the system.
I stake my life and future resource base of the system

Gardener: I have great sense of ownership of the system. I am committed to create fertile ground in which potentials of the system can be realised.
I stake my faith in the system and its response capability

Visionary : I have an acute perception of reality. I am committed to take the system into the future. I shape investments of the system and envision its form.
I simultaneously stake my insight and the future of the system

Healer : I have a deep empathy and sensitivity to people. I am committed to enabling each individual in the system to realize his / her potential.
I stake my faith in human potential

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Queen's -The personal touch !

A few days back I had requested the folks at Queen's to check if the could offer me any financail aid. Any based on my merit was totally ruled out coz of my great acads and GMAT score...But I asked for some aid based on my need. I indirectly hinted that I might join a place in US or in India depending on how things turn out.
Here is what they said then.

Hello XXXX,
Unfortunately we cannot offer you financial assistance at this time. I wish you the very best of luck at your chosen school.


Anyway, I was expecting this but took a chance.Then I sent in the acceptance amount yday and confirmed this by email. I stated that I would be joining Queen's.
Here is what they had to say.

Hello XXXX,
We are absolutely thrilled! I am so looking forward to seeing you in May, I know you are going to have a wonderful year.

All the best,

I like the personal touch.!

Boy, they know how to make someone feel good. :)