Friday, April 07, 2006

News from the Queen's School of Business

1)MBAst competes alongside Wharton, Kellogg, Sloan, Stanford, LBS and others in Boston The only competition of its kind anywhere, the 1st Annual International Tech Strategy Business Case competition, hosted by Boston University School of Management event brought together the world's best business schools with technology acumen to compete head-to-head on a strategy-oriented technology-based business case. Each team had 24 hours to address the subject, "How should Motorola go about achieving its vision of 'Seamless Mobility?'"
See full press release here

2) Queen's study looks at internal challenges to business success
How a Canadian business is financed, planned, and managed will determine its success or failure says a new Queen’s School of Business report. The study attempts to identify the challenges that business owners are facing within their companies and what can be done to help them. "Growth challenges are mystifying to managers because they are largely invisible and intangible," said the study's lead researcher Dr. John Gordon, professor emeritus and former dean of Queen's School of Business. "This is the first study to define general patterns and trends in management as barriers to SME growth. Our intent is to offer SME leaders a starting point for change." See press article here

3) Queen's prof comments on a growing trend: the office spouse
It's not a love connection but there are corporate couples who share a marriage-like relationship on the job. And they say the bond makes them happier and better employees. These couples are "office spouses" -- corporate couples bound by mutual respect, common interests and that particular chemistry of friendship. See Professor Julian Barling's angle here

4) Queen's prof comments on the truth behind loyalty cards
Are those loyalty cards in your wallet actually betraying you? Check out what some say are the dangers of invasive marketing, and what Queen's prof Jay Handelman has to say .Read it here


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