Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Yahoo! Mail Beta - Impressive

The New Yahoo! Mail - a sweeping redesign of the service's look, feel, and function!
I liked Rediff email because of its lightining speed. Then I moved to Yahoo Email coz of the various options it provided.Then switched to Gmail as I liked the conversation,label and starred features in it.In office, I have been exposed to the lotus notes as well as the outlook style emails.And now Yahoo has come up with something new in its Mail section.

The overall look of the New Yahoo is an Outlook-styled, three-pane window with folders in the left vertical pane, headers top right, and a message preview pane below the headers. Thus, Yahoo! becomes the first major e-mail provider to keep the Inbox in view while reading a message

Check out its review here.

My verdict: I tried the beta version and I liked it. If you use outlook this is almost the same as that.


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