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Queen's MBA- Your Questions answered

Q: What can Queen's MBA for Science & Technology do for me?
A:This program is a general management MBA program that uses the high quantitative abilities of our incoming class to provide them with a solid grasp of management fundamentals across all business disciplines, but also the strategic tools to approach issues from an integrated and multi-disciplinary perspective. Because of the high abilities of our students we can move much more quickly away from the basics (such as linear regression and basic numeracy) into
more advanced topics, at a pace impossible with a generic class composition.

By the program's end you'll have many of the tools you need to tackle strategic management problems; you will understand how each functional area contributes to organizational performance, what kinds of problems managers face, and how different analytical skills
and emerging technologies can be used to resolve problems; you will be able to identify the issues that are fundamental to a business, outline and evaluate strategic alternatives, and develop comprehensive implementation plans; you will have the opportunity to customize your MBA experience by choosing up to four electives from our course roster, which include Risk Management, Advanced Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, and Innovation & Strategic Change.

While many MBA programs tout the importance of teamwork, Queen's MBA is one of a select few in the world that formally assigns students to teams for the duration of the program (and gives them their own team room!!). Each team consists of five or six students and is carefully assembled on the premise of maximizing diversity. Throughout the year, teams will collaborate on assignments, papers, and presentations in which each team member will have ample
opportunity to hone their presentation skills, interpersonal skills, and Q&A skills. Our team-based learning model is an unparalleled example of cross-cultural learning--a skill critical in today's
increasingly global business environment.

Q) What are my financing options?
A: Most of our domestic students finance their Queen's MBA through a credit line provided by RBC Financial. Queen's pays the interest on your loan while you are in the program. This loan is only available for Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents of Canada. Details
of this loan and the application are available at

Our international students need to secure funding from their home countries, or through third-party agencies like those found on our site at

Q: Does Queen's MBA award scholarships?
A: Yes. All qualified candidates who submitted their application by the Jan 15 deadline were considered for an entrance scholarship by the Scholarship Committee. All scholarships have been awarded, and all individuals chosen for a scholarship have been notified.

Typically, we award scholarships to no more than 15% of the incoming class. bviously, with the high-powered quality of our students, there was considerable competition for these scholarships. Given the increased competition from other MBA programs to attract and retain
the best students, we increased our minimum amount awarded to $10,000, and for the first time awarded scholarships of $20,000 and $30,000 to select incoming students.

I would also like to clarify that Queen's MBA does not offer financial aid, grants, bursaries, or research/ teaching assistantships. All entrance scholarships were awarded on the basis
of merit alone.

Q: How do I find a place to live in Kingston?
A: The Queen's Accommodation Listing Service is the premier site for finding an apartment, home, or shared accommodations owned by private landlords: Queen's also rents out apartments and houses. Please see their listings at Queen's owns and
operates "The Graduate Residence" and "Harkness International Hall".
Please go to

Q) Is it just all lectures at Queen's?
A: Not at all! Since each student has their own learning style and abilities, Queen's School of Business doesn't believe in a one-style- fits-all approach when it comes to management education. We use an integrated and blended teaching methodology. Queen's MBA curriculum
is a highly-integrated series of courses and projects, including numerous, exciting, and relevant case discussions led by professors and industry participants. Queen's MBA will provide you will more than enough cases throughout Stages 3 & 4, where they are most applicable, and used properly to stimulate strategic thinking. Our students can well attest to this point! Furthermore, we are careful not to use stale-dated material, and source our readings and cases from a wide array of sources. We also expect our students to participate in case competitions, conferences, and deliver many presentations throughout their course work.

Queen's has developed this MBA program around 6 learning themes:
*Management Fundamentals
* Strategic Thinking
* Entrepreneurship
* Innovation & Change
* Corporate Social Responsibility
* Leadership.

Without question, with some 690 class-contact hours in 12 months, to succeed in Queen's MBA you must be a high achiever who thrives in a fast-paced and challenging environment (Of course, we happen to think you are most capable to handle it).

Q) How will Queen's MBA help me advance my career?
A: What are your objectives? Where do you want to go with your MBA?
Only you determine your future...For our part, Queen's MBA will provide you with personalized career management, through our Career Advantage Program. Our role is to augment your career search by ensuring you are equipped with the skills and industry-specific information necessary to help you achieve your goals. We will also provide you with the opportunity to network with Queen's MBA graduates and your fellow students in our Accelerated MBA and Executive MBA programs.

From image consulting, networking and dining etiquette, to communications skills training, mock interviews, salary negotiation workshops to high-performance coaching, our career management team will provide you with one-on-one coaching to help you explore your career options and chart your career path. Of course, with our outstanding reputation, Queen's attracts top MBA recruiters to campus. And they hire our students across all sectors! For example, 35% of our 2005 graduates were hired in the finance sector, while 26% were hired in the management consulting sector, and 13% each in the manufacturing and hi-tech sectors.

To see what companies actively recruit at Queen's go to here

Q) How's life in Kingston?
A: Ideal! Settled in 1673, Kingston is a community of 141,000 residents nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, with three post-secondary institutions whose combined student population is roughly 25,000. We are midway between Canada's two largest cities, and just south of Canada's capital city, Ottawa. This triangle is home to some 10-million people and is the economic and political hub of Canada.

Home to renowned authors, actors, musicians, academics, scientists, business people and politicians, Kingston's many faces are best sought out on foot. You can walk almost everywhere you need to go, safely. The city is meant for long meandering walks around its famous 19th Century limestone core and along its picturesque waterfront. You can explore Kingston at


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