Sunday, April 22, 2007

And the Party Continues

We are done with all the classes for the MBA. The convocation is in the month of May but we all had a graduation dinner yesterday. Since Friday, there has been a series of parties happening.

The Graduation Dinner yesterday was fabulous. A team came out with some excellent slide shows of the year that went by. There were some awards given. I have a lot to write and will do that in the next few days. Till then, Enjoy some of these pics !

With David Detomasi, one of the passionate professors here at Queen's !

Aren't we excited that it is finally over ?

In Cricket, the Australians dominate and win the world cup. In teaching at Queen's too, they easily win.Dr Clinton Free won the Best Prof Award !A clear favorite among the students ..right from day one.

The Student Council : Smart and Hardworking !

Partying on Friday night!

The nice and mushy team of the MBAst 2007 batch!

The last MBA class that we all attended just got over !

Aren't we the "smartie" now that you have completed your Queen's MBA

Jamie from the support staff..He loves the MBA folks

With her highness, Shannon Goodspeed, the director of the program.

MBAst'07 Endowment Fund from the class to the school

Best Team Award goes to Team 113

Aren't the kids happy that daddy is done with his school!



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