Monday, April 16, 2007

First Capital Challenge

Two of the MBAst 2007 grads are in the final round of the First Capital Challenge (FCC). This is an annual competition for the best plans to start a new business in Kingston, Ontario. The competition invites anyone from anywhere to put their ideas to work in exciting new Kingston-based companies. Details here:

The projects being started by the MBA folks are an aircraft service company and a wireless Internet service provider.These folks are very passionate about their new ventures.

Check out the articles here: and here

The aircraft service that Perumal is proposing to implement is designed to speed up travel. He got the idea when he noticed how difficult it was to get speakers to the school because of flight issues.Jet Direct would be able to fly to more than 1,000 airports in Canada and the U.S.; to Halifax or Chicago for east and west travel; or Moosonee or Atlanta for north and south. Perumal hopes to build the company up to 100 airplanes

Marathon Communications is also in the running for the award.Entrepreneur Shawn Gee plans to use the wireless Internet service provider to bring high-bandwidth Internet access to people in the Kingston area. People using the service will get secure access anywhere in the region. The company is devoted to bringing web access to underserviced areas through a reliable network and good customer service response time



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