Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Magic of Clusters

As a part of the Global Strategy subject, we came across an interesting article on Clusters. I found that on the internet today here.This blog makes an interesting comment:

Peter Drucker has said, "Markets are not created by God, nature, or cosmic forces, but by businessmen." Replace "Markets" with "Clusters," and he's still right.

In the article, cluster is defined as “critical masses - in one place- of unusual competitive success in particular fields. Clusters are a striking feature of virtually every national, regional, state and even metropolitan economy, especially in more economically advanced nations.”

The most common examples of clusters are Silicon valley and Hollywood . Given below are some clusters in US

This link provides clusters in India.You’ll find some interesting information there.Some clusters : Morbi is a cluster for Wall Clock , Aligarh for lock industry, Tiruppur for knitwear, Palasa for Cashew Processing and Warangal for leather tanning etc.

I enjoyed reading about these clusters.I am sure you too will have fun figuring out the clusters in locations.



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