Sunday, March 25, 2007

World Cup: The Dream is Over

"1.1 billion people and India couldn't produce 11 players who could win the cup"
That was what one of my classmates had to say who was watching the Cricket World Cup with us on the big screen. :(

We had perhaps one of the strongest Cricketing teams on paper and yet the Men in Blue couldn't deliver.Itz over.India is out of the Cricket World Cup.

And like billions of Cricket fans in India who treat the Cricketers as God, am disappointed too.The most painful part is that my friends and I would now be watching the Bangladesh Vs Australia and Bangladesh Vs NewZealand match live at Antigua next week.We had never expected this scenario.!

Anyway, the Aussies and the Proteas are excellent teams and it would be great to see them in action.The worst part now is that all those who had booked their tickets expecting a Indo-Pak match will now have to watch the Bangladesh-Ireland match.

Aargh!! What a disappointment!



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