Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Art of Outsourcing

An interesting reading that we had to do for Global Strategy.I also found the article on the internet.

Here are some points that CKP makes

"The outsourcing of lucrative information technology and high-end manufacturing work is not new, at least between U.S. companies. EDS, IBM, CSC and Accenture built their businesses on outsourcing.Kodak outsourced all IT work to IBM in 1989. Xerox outsourced it to EDS in 1994. The government has been outsourcing work to CSC from the early 1980s."

"The current outsourcing phenomenon is the start of a new pattern of innovation in the way we manage."

Some key advantages of Outsourcing:
1. Cost
2. Quality
3. Improvement in Process capabilities
4. Speed of reaction ( working acorss time zones)
5. Access to skilled labour


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