Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer dead

"I would like to sleep on my future as a coach" he had said in Saturday's post-match news conference. And he never got up.

This weekend could perhaps be labeled as the worst weekend for Cricket Fans in India and Pakistan.Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach died in his hotel room after Pakistan suffered a humiliating defeat against Ireland on St Patricks Day.

In another upset, the Men in Blue (the Indian Boyz) lost to minnows Bangladesh. The Indian middle order collapsed like a pack of cards and the bowlers looked helpless when the Bangladeshi batsmen displayed some terrific shots.I saw the match here on the screen (big one) and was very upset with the performance of our Indian Team.
I am still angry!

Pakistan is out of the Cricket World Cup and India has to win both of its next matches if it wants to keep any hopes of winning the world cup.

The atmosphere in India is full of tension. A billion Indians are upset ( and rightly so).Another loss could just be the end of the cricketing career for many Indian stars. I hope things get better from here.

Bob Woolmer was a great coach who believed in his coaching style and the team. I hope his soul rests in peace and the Paki Boyz do well in the next match. That would be a tribute to the man who did so much for a cricket loving nation.


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