Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Desi Life

If there is a new segment that has a potential to generate a lot of revenue in the future in your market, would you ignore it? Certainly not.!!

That is what one of the national newspapers in Canada -Toronto Star did. It sensed an emerging trend and has started an initiative towards it.The Toronto Star sometime back started a magazine called "Desi Life" to cater to the needs to the South Asian Community in Greater Toronto Area.

Wondering why?Well, here is their reasoning.
"Canada is home to about 1 million South Asians - 600,000 in the GTA alone - and Statistics Canada predicts this ethnic group will be the largest in Canada by 2017. Desi Life will fill a significant gap in the media market with high-quality content and design, and extremely targeted distribution. "
Makes good sense too me.!!

If you are a North American, you would wonder why the name "Desi"?
Here is the explanation.
"The word desi comes from the Sanskrit meaning countrymen and refers to people from the Indian subcontinent - India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.". The magazine further goes on to say " Desi also refers to a hip new subculture, which represents a fusion of South Asian and Western, in food, fashion, music art, dance, etc."

Check out the online edition of the magazine here


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