Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Beaches, Cricket and Us

There are three things that unite the whole of India - Music, Bollywood and Cricket.
With the Cricket world cup starting this month in the West Indies, it was very difficult for us to keep ourselves away from the action.

We choose the electives in stage 04 in such a manner that we could get a few weeks off in April.
We struggled to get the tickets but finally managed it.
We had trouble with Travelocity but finally managed to get the air tickets to visit the islands.
With hotel prices skyrocketing, we struggled to find prices that matched student budgets.
There were some hiccups in getting the Caricom visa but finally things fell in place.
In short,nothing could stop our determination. We finally have everything ready.

It is an expensive trip for us (with no money in our pocket, every dollar counts!!) but we all felt that this was the best time for us to watch the match. Four of the desi boyz from the Queen's MBA program will be there at Antigua during first week of April cheering the Indian cricket team when they play the Kiwis and the Aussies.

With Sachin and Dada in top form,and the Indian team looking strong, would this be a dream World cup both for them and for us.! Kumble ( my college alum) has mentioned that he plans to retire after the world cup. This also might be the last world cup for a lot of other folks .

Watching the ICC World Cup there at Antigua will be a dream come true for us.
Go India Go !!

I also learnt that one of my classmates was part of the sponsor’s team for the world cup that was held in South Africa.Another class mate was part of the architectural team that designed the structure of the Sir Viv Richards stadium at Antigua!! Also, as a part of the project management assignment, two Indians and a Pakistani guy worked together as a team to organize a dummy World Cup Event.We had great fun doing that.

So, is it coincidences or do I see world cup fever everywhere. Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to see the Nike Cricket commercial,do watch it here. It is simply awesome.

Update:Elusive World Cup remains on Tendulkar's wish-list.Read the article here.


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