Monday, February 26, 2007

Planning the next move ?

-S,R,A booked their tickets for India today.
-K is done with his classes at Queen's and is looking forward to the exchange program in Germany.
-P is planning for his Europe Trip ( You can always find him with a map of Europe in his hand).
-S tells me about her yoga tour to Morocco that she is planning.( And she didn't visit India - the Land of Yoga!!)
-D tells me about his plans to visit Greece with his girlfriend. ( Yeah, she is really happy that he has the time now )
-R is all excited to visit Austria.
-S is all set to kick start his new venture on completion of the MBA program. ( He bought a Honda CRV recently!)
-K is busy planning for her marriage in August ( Awesome couple..awesome website)
-M is totally into Private Equity.(He wants a career there and has met some folks !)
-N is concerned how she will survive the cold weather at Edmonton (same time next year.)
-J is happy that he gets time for his new born baby these days.( He is off to Toronto every weekend)
-Mi is very happy as he becomes the first person in our class to take the PMP exam and clear it. ( Talk about Russian determination!)
-NA is looking forward to the year ahead as he will become a dad.(He is leaving immediately once the last class is over.)
-A few others are busy with their job searches these days.
-B,A,R, V will be there at Antigua cheering India at the ICC World Cup 2007.!

The mood in the class is very different these days. Parties are being planned out. Career decisions being finalized. The road ahead is being discussed.
The MSN/Gtalk messages read "7 more weeks to go" !

I get emails from the batch of 2008 asking the same curious questions that I had last year.L and K are busy sending the packages to the admitted students.(As expected, they know all the names).B and S are busy interviewing folks for the next year's batch.

I observe the people ,scenario around me and notice things are changing.I am going to miss all this action next year. I am going to miss attending those classes.!

OK.Thatz it for now..Let me get back to that assignment due tomm evening.


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous bhaskar said...

goodluck with ur career ...!!


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