Saturday, October 08, 2005

Queen's MBA prof named best lecturer

In a search that began last fall for a 'different kind of idol', Toronto-based TVOntario program, "BIG IDEAS", began looking for the province of Ontario's best lecturers; seeking those professors whose classes were not to be missed.

Tony Dimni,a Prof at the Queen's School of Business management accounting is selected among the top 30.
The contest elicited a great response with 258 individual nominations sent in
by students and faculty from across the province. Upon review of these submissions by "BIG IDEAS" producers, the best 30 were selected according to clarity & coherence, energy & performance, and confidence & authority.

BIG IDEAS is now continuing their best lecturer contest, narrowing the field of 30 down to the top 10, billing this as ‘TV with a high IQ’. The top 10 contestants selected by the jury will be asked to give special lectures which will be taped by TVO and will air on BIG IDEAS in the fall of 2005.


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