Friday, October 07, 2005

"When you want something , all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"-The Alchemist

I have always believed in this and here is one more reason to prove that.
For the past few months, we have been planning for the 1st Alumni Meet of our high school. I ,the General Secretary of the association had been working hard to get the funds.The approach a simple one - Asking for initial seed money and contributions for the alumni.A contribution of a few thousand rupees would come every now and then, and we were slowly inching towards our goal.

A couple of weeks back, we realized that a famous venture capitalist (rumor has it that he has close to 14 companies!!) is also from our school.One of the alums contacted him and the Big Boss informed us that if we could provide him a cost estimate, he’d get sponsors for the event and thus make our life simpler.

We were reluctant to get the event sponsored. Primarily, bcoz then we would have to have the sponsors banners displayed everywhere, keep repeating the sponsor’s names on the stage every now and then and there’ll be a lot of running around to get the cash from the sponsors.We(the Core Organizing team) still made the Costs Estimate and gave the Big Boss the proposal. As a side note,in the proposal,we also mentioned why we why we shouldn’t be having a sponsor.I sent an email to the Big Boss yesterday night.We were kind of aware that he might not like our point of view.

Today morning, when I was in a meeting..around 09.30 am.. I got a call from another alum indicating that the Big Boss liked our views(for not having a sponsor) and has decided to personally some part of the event.He has agreed to give Rs 1 lakh to the alumni association! And that out of his own pocket!All he wants us is to spend the money wisely.

Wow ! Super ! Wonderful ! The alum group has been buzzing with the this talk.
I was speechless and perhaps unprepared for this !! The big boss has made life simpler for us ...but at the same time, the expectations have gone up.There are going to be a series of meeting now as to how the evening should be made a ‘memorable’ one!


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