Thursday, September 22, 2005

Met Bharani this Sunday and during the conversation, he told me that Prof Tina Dacin of Queen's Business School was here in Hyderabad to take classes at ISB.A Professor of Strategy and Organizations, she is here to teach on Management of Organisations.
I contacted her and asked her if she was available this Tuesday.She immediately agreed.So,at 10 am on a rainy morning, I went to the Indian School of Business to meet her.She was the first Professor from Queen's that I met.I had a telephonic interview for my admission and had only been interacting with the adcom and professors over the phone or through emails.So, it was great meeting her.

She answered my queries.Since I have some time in hand before I begin classes at Kingston, I asked her if I should be preparing myself on something.She gave some good inputs.She then talked about her experiences in India and ISB.This was the third time she was visiting the school and liked the student community here.She also commented that the students at ISB ask a lot of questions and she likes being "challenged".

I am looking forward to attending her classes at Kingston next year.


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Thoughtcurry said...

hi buddy,
so you finally met up with a faculty from Queens. I am running around to get my recos and transcripts done on time. Also am working on my essays. Will call you up. send me your new contact number. Talked to metal over the phone. He is having a tough time. Also bumped into Attagirl at Duke. I need some help and will be sending you an email shortly.


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