Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I made a quick 3 day trip to Bangalore.I went there to meet my engineering mates....A kind of reunion was planned.
We are all in the corporate world and behave in a certain manner with our colleagues. But when it comes down to meeting your old school/college mates, we all tend to switch back to our old self.There was noise,chaos,laughter,drinks and I just felt as if nothing had changed over the past 5 years.Loved every moment of it!
On the Sunday morning, I met a Queen's Alumni. This guy gave some good inputs.He patiently answered all my queries.

I also met K that evening.I had been interacting with him for a year now.Both of us were B school aspirants last year.I was in the States and he was in UK and we used to talk often over the phone. I met him in person for the first time this sunday.

The weekend was a very good one... .!!


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