Friday, September 02, 2005

Just do it pal !

I have been spending some time helping a senior colleague of mine who has his IIM A PGPX interview in a couple of weeks.The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is introducing a 1 yr MBA starting this year for individuals with substantial work ex(>7 yrs).For the first time, the IIM screened applicants based on GMAT score instead of the CAT.

The interview for the shortlisted applicants starts with the candidate making two short 5 minute presentations.This is followed by an informal 20-25 min discussion.

My colleague has been preparing very hard for this interview.He has been giving some mock interviews.He has great work ex,superb analytical abilities and just needs to work a bit more on his presentation skills.

All of us here are praying that he makes it to the program.Hez a nice and honest guy and we would love to see him get the MBA tag.

The Yahoo groups for the IIMA PGPX can be found here.
A list of exhaustive interview questions can be found here.


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