Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Outsourcing Fundas !

Prof Natalia Levina,Assitant Prof ,Stern School of Business,NYU is in India for a conference at the Indian School of Business.
Since she has published numerous papers on IT Outsourcing and Knowledge Management,our organization had invited her to deliver a talk on 'Vendor's value proposition for large clients'.The response at the office was quite good.
The folks who attended the talk ranged from Techies to very senior project managers.
Prof Levina too made good use of this opportunity and spoke to IT consultants in our office to get the "vendors perspective" in outsourcing.

The talk was a good one and addressed the following:
- Why do companies outsource?
- why do companies outsource in IT services
- Two case studies of IT sourcing.
- When and why would outsourcing benefit a firm over a long term
- Why are client's not succesful in replicating the outsourcing model.

Her publications can be found here.


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