Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy Independence Day India -August 15th

In 1857,the East India Company introduced the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle. Its cartridges were covered by greased membrane that, apparently, had to be cut by the teeth before loading. There was a rumour that this membrane was greased by cow or pig fat, which was offensive to Hindu as well as Muslim soldiers.

The British tried reasoning with the sepoys, and even asked them to make their own grease from vegetable oils. The rumour, however, persisted. General George Anson, Commander in Chief in India, reacted by saying, 'I'll never give in to their beastly prejudices.' He refused to compromise.

Then, on March 29, 1857, at Barrackpore near Kolkata, Mangal Pandey started an open mutiny, inviting his comrades to join him. The Rising had begun.
India's first war of Independence.

This Independene day of India (Aug15), the entire nation will remember the man.
The 'Perfectionist' Aamir Khan starrer 'The Rising -Mangal Pandey' releases today.

Don't miss it !! I am struggling to get the tickets for the movie.
The best film theater here in Hyderabad has a film show scheduled for 08.45 am.!!
And even that show is Housefull for the next 5 days!


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Happy Independence Day to you dear friend.

A Proud Indian
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