Monday, August 08, 2005

The NEW OG !

It IS out.The new edition of the Official Guide(OG) for GMAT,the 11th Edition, has been released.Read this news on Dave's blog.

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If you want a copy, order it from the GMAC website.
Cost:$36.95. (Plus $10-15 for shipping)
The book is not available at

What the guide offers?
-Approximately 270 Analytical Writing Assessment topics
-800 retired GMAT® questions, with thorough explanations.
-NEW diagnostic section that helps you assess where to focus your test-prep efforts
-NEW organization of questions in order of difficulty to save you study time(This is good!)
-A comprehensive math review covering the topics tested on the GMAT® exam (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems)

2 more books have been released:
Official Guide for GMAT® Verbal Review

Official Guide for GMAT® Quantitative Review

Nah,the questions don't overlap.So you can buy all the 3 books.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Thoughtcurry said...

Thanx for the info. Buying one in the states would be easier. Tell me would two months of prepping be enough? Need high scores to apply to Sloan in Jan. Am planning on apping to McCombs and Darden with the earlier score. Went to the ISB info session in Bangalore. Menon recognized me and said Hi. About 200 people turned up. They have a better designed Viewbook this year.

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