Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Rain God hasn't been kind to me.
Today, when I was done with all tasks and all set to leave the Nizam City,I reach the Hyderabad railway station only to find out that the Indian Railways had cancelled the train services.The reason - Heavy rains and a cyclone in the coast of Andhra Pradesh.Hope the impact is not high and things return to normalcy soon.

I was disappointed and had to book my air tickets for tomorrow. (The last minute high air fares added more to the disappointment).Hope things work fine now and I finally get back home! This is not the first time I experienced the same thing. Just a few weeks back on August 03rd, the heavy downpour in Mumbai forced me to cancel my tickets from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

I am feeling sleepy now.Therez lot for me to write. My last days with the organization, my meeting with Prof Tina Darcin of Queen's at ISB etc...

Hmm..Lotz of things to write..but had a very tiring day. Hopefully, will blog from a new place tomorrow same time.

Take care and good bye Hyderabad.You've been very nice to me.!


At 11:33 AM, Blogger Metal said...

Yo...dude so finally you too are no longer part of the "ABC" organization.

Good Luck with your endeavors at "XYZ" and have a gala time at home eating "Maa ke haath ka khana".

As for how I'm doing, no time for khana and the rest, Thoughtcurry can fill you up.


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