Wednesday, February 21, 2007

India Overheats

I was reading the Feb 03-09 edition of The Economist and the main article of this edition is "India Overheats".More than the articles, I liked the picture that the folks at Economist have used.

Look at the cartoon of the Tiger here.It is hilarious. The face of the tiger with a burning tail brings a smile to my face.! :)

As expected, The Economist presents an interesting perspective of where India is heading.It questions the sustainability of India's growth in the future.

Some interesting points
"It seems incongruous that somebody can own a mobile phone, yet has to waste hours queuing for drinking water. India's top computer scientists are feted around the world, yet most children in rural areas lack the basic education needed to find more productive work"

"Goldman Sachs forecast that India could sustain 8% growth until 2020, was widely trumpeted in Indian newspapers. However, the bank's report clearly stated that this would require better education,labour markets reforms and less red tape. Oddly, most newspapers failed to mention that"

We have heard so much about "India Poised" and "India Shining" that it would be worth the time and effort to read this article and acknowledge some of the areas in India where improvements are required.


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