Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Google without the L

Did you observe the Google Logo on Valentine's day.
It had the L missing !
Herez why :)

India and Valentine's Day

Pic Source: BBC

If you are a smart marketer,what would be one of the ways to increase revenue?
Create a new market.!

Perhaps, that is what the smart marketers did.With a new India shaping up, and in spite of several protests, Valentines Day market is 12 billion rupees
($270 million, £140 million).Phew!!

What is being offered?...Spas, financial services, luxury brands and even
tech brands..Anything that the "new" Indian would buy !Check out this article in ET.

Hope you guyz had a good Valentine's Day !

World's first "commercial" quantum computer solves Sudoku

Source: engadget

OK..Itz not ready yet..but what the heck, it solved a Sudoku puzzle !.
Read it here
I remember in the IT Strategy class, I gave a 15 minute presentation on Quantum Computing..and I had asked the audience to be ready to take a Quantum leap of faith.!
So, are we ready for something that will change the world. We'll watch how things shape up!

The world is waking up to a New India

Rediff carries an interesting article on how the world wants to "to have a piece of the pie in some way or the other. So angel investors or private equity funds, they are all swarming India right now and we shall make hay while it lasts"


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