Sunday, February 04, 2007

End of Stage Party and Brown Jam

We had the Marketing exam on Thursday morning where the teams were asked to work on a live project. We presented a marketing strategy for a company that was experiencing problems with its market share .The senior folks in the company had a poker face ( they were asked to do that) all through the presentation and asked us a lot of questions on the strategy that we proposed. This was the last team presentation and although, I was tired

It gives a good feeling to answer questions confidently to vice presidents etc of companies. It just goes to show the kind of confidence we have gained over the past few months. There were prizes and the winning teams bagged a sum of 3000 CAD.

( End of Stage 03 party)

Anyway, the the end of Stage 03 was celebrated by one and all. One of the guyz decided to host the party at his place.The winning team of the Marketing Strategy exam decided to sponsor the liquor. A beer barrel was bought at and there were several contests held- from flip cup to drinking beer through a funnel. There was a lot of chaos , noise..We had solid fun ,and acted wild.

( The ad for Mehfil)

On Friday, the Queen's Indian Student Association had "Mehfil" , the annual formal event. It is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the University. It was held at Portsmouth Harbour and featured DJ TnT and SOS . Folks were expected to come in Indian outfit. The girls were there in Sarees and looked very elegant.Some of the Canadian and Chinese girls too were there in sarees. They looked very good.It was fun watching all of them dance to some bollywood and bhangra numbers. A few of my classmates ( From France, Lebanon etc) too were there and am sure they had good fun. They even volunteered to learn some Hindi so that they could impress the pretty Indian girls.!

Check out a few pictures


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Good Post. The Last Week sure has been lot of fun! :)


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