Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Positive People Flows

Economic Times ( a major financial daily in India) carried an interesting article titled 'Positive People Flows'. Two Queen's MBAst students were quoted in that article.
You could read it here

"While our classrooms are diverse and multicultural so is Canada as a
country. Besides the country also attracts top global employers and there is a
huge need for talented and skilled workforce ," says Ashok Raghupathy,
MBA student at Canada's Queen's School of Business
. For him the main
advantage of studying overseas is the access to huge resources.

His class mate Biswajit Das, who worked for five and a
half years in India with TCS and Infosys before joining the MBA programme feels
that: "I would be able to combine the best of both worlds and would become a
successful global manager. Most of the companies in North America understand the
importance of India as an emerging market and are scouting for talent with
Indian experience," he says.


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