Friday, January 19, 2007

"Is this industry attractive"?

The Business Strategy Class came to an end today.For the past nine months, we have been analyzing cases, discussing solution and studying concepts and tools.As the course concluded, Prof Brad Kilaly said that he had the following takeaways for us from this course:

1.Evaluate the external world (through the Industry analysis tools that we learnt)
2.Understand what your company is going to do.
3.If you know what you are good at, that defines where you are going to go.
4.Be better thinkers.

He had 3 goals for us:

1.Learn the tools

2.Apply the tools

3.Be eager to learn more !

I have enjoyed this course and look forward to applying the concepts learnt here in the future.
This classes had the maximum cold calling and if one had not read the case, prepared well, he or she was a dead meat !
His favorite dialogue at the start of every class was "Is this indsutry attractive"? :)


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