Friday, January 12, 2007

Guru in Toronto

Aby Baby and Ms Rai are in Toronto for the world premiere of Guru - Everyone knows about it. We had our team meeting in the morning today and that too started with a discussion on how "big" these stars are. Apparently, the premiere tickets shot up to 1000 CAD last night. The local radio stations are creating the buzz...The newspaper talk about the red carpet welcome given to the stars, and the television channels are covering the excitment shown by 10,000 fans that lined outside the theater.

Here is what one of the papers had to say:

Official statistics are scant, but it has been reported the Bollywood film
industry is the biggest in the world in terms of viewers, with an audience of
more than 3 billion, compared with Hollywood's 2.6 billion in global ticket
sales.India's film industry, valued at about $1.75 billion in 2006, is forecast
to nearly double to $3.4 billion by 2010, according to estimates by

In Canada, Bollywood's profile has been boosted by the work of
Indo-Canadian filmmakers like Deepa Mehta, whose latest movie ,"Water," has been
selected as the official foreign-language entry from Canada at this year's
Academy Awards.

The movie is the rags to riches story of an Indian who dreamt and made it big in the corporate world. Reviews here and here


At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Riya said...

I saw the movie yesterday and i would say its Mani Ratnam's best movie so is Abhishek's.
Water has got entry in Academy Awards but unfortunately it never released in India but still people who were keen were able to watch it on DVD.


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