Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Apple Lessons - Creating the Buzz

The Apple iPhone has generated " $400 million in free publicity" as per a Harvard Business School professor David Yoffie.

Check out this interesting article.Here is what companies could learn from the Apple Marketing Manual.(from the article)

•Make innovative products.
•Keep it simple.
•Create truly memorable ads.
•Find an enemy. (Apple has never been shy about blasting the competition, encouraging the world in its advertising to "think different" and use its products.)
•Work the taste-makers. Out of necessity, with a tiny and then declining market share for computers, Apple had to work harder to get its products in front of the public.
•Offer surprises. Apple is well known for efforts to keep launches close to the vest, to the point of suing secret-spilling bloggers.
•Put on a show.
( "Steve works harder than almost any CEO at being the master showman," Yoffie says.)


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