Friday, March 16, 2007

Itz Possible

He did it..and for the 1000 spectators at the stadium, they witnessed something that is unlikely to be repeated again in the near future ( or will somebody to it again?!)

Gibbs from South Africa smashed six sixes in one over.!!
Man, thatz the best thing for a batsmen and a nightmare for the bowler.

Here is the article with the ball by ball details.

The real winner:Johnnie Walker would donate 1 million dollars to the Habitat for Humanity charity (which campaigns against poverty around the world.).

Sehwag, Sachin, Dhoni ...What surprises would you show in the WC for your fans?


At 6:00 AM, Anonymous bhaskar said...

this guy is taking his revenge of 'dropping the world cup' in semis earlier...
there is so much hype around our indian team that anything less thatn 300 with any team will sound less


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