Saturday, March 24, 2007

Readings, Assignments and Farewells

The last week was very busy. The Advanced Global Strategy elective came to an end. This is a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed. In the previous stages, I loved attending the Business Strategy and the International Business Course. This elective, I felt, integrated the both and moved my learning to a new level.

The world is becoming flat and companies are going global. I chose a Global MBA program such as Queen's coz I felt that I would have the best of both worlds and I felt this course totally reconfirmed my decision. Everyday, we had at least 50 pages of reading to do before the class. The readings were excellent and broadened my thinking. We also had to prepare for a case and on certain days had to write a paper. I learnt a lot about global and transnational companies. I also got some great insights on when to standardize and adapt to suit the local consumer needs when a company goes global. One of the best cases was about a Filipino fast food joint "Jollybee" that has made quite an impact in California, US.

Last week, I also got a chance to have lunch with the director of our MBA Program (along with 3 other students). It was great talking to her. We shared our thoughts about the program, and how we felt about the last 11 months. There are some great profiles in the next year’s batch and with the change in curriculum, am sure the incoming batch is going to have a great time (read lots of work!).

The Graduate Residence folks too organized a farewell last week. In the past few months, it has been great knowing some very talented folks who stay in the residence. They are from different backgrounds (Arts, Law, Medicine, IR, Occupational Therapy, Physics etc) and interacting with them has given me a new perspective. The folks were quite sentimental and some of them even couldn't control their tears :)

Check out the pics.
We also had the “MBA Games Thanksgiving party” on Friday and there is another one planned today as some folks move to Germany on an exchange program next week.



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