Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Student Clubs at Queen's

Focus and energy are two factors that would be crucial in the next 1 year.
Focus - because I will have to prioritize things, understand itz importance and put in the required effort .Energy - because this is what converts our plans into reality.

The Queen's MBAst student club pages have been put up on the portal. We need to choose the club we intend to join.The club pages allow for a completely separate interaction among club members, including discussion boards, uploads, etc. Once the students gather at Queen's the interested folks will start interacting and have meetings .We'd have to set the club agendas/missions, pick club executives, and work towards the target.

I would be interested in the Marketing and Consulting club for sure. New Ventures club sounds very exciting. Information Tech Club would be fun. The Finance club would have a lot of interaction.. I'll take some time before I decide which clubs to join and participate whole heartedly.

Meanwhile here is the list of various clubs:

MBAst Athletics Club
MBAst BioTech Club
MBAst Consulting Club
MBAst Club for Corporate Social Responsibility
MBAst Student Executive
MBAst Finance Club
MBAst International Development Club
MBAst Information Technology Club
MBAst Marketing Club
MBAst New Ventures Club
Queen's Women in Management

Besides this, there are other clubs too at Queen's.
The Queen's university is famous for its rich extra-curricular learning experience, largely centred on the hundreds of student clubs active on campus.

Queen's is home to the oldest student government in Canada (founded in 1858), Canada's oldest campus radio station (founded 1922), and is the only Canadian university allowed to hold its Model Parliament in the actual House of Commons in Ottawa!

Here are the offerings outside of the School of Business - A menu of choices: http://www.myams.org/studentlife/clubs/list.php

The Indian Students Association link is here


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