Saturday, August 07, 2004

I lost the battle.I lost it by a big margin.
Time management was poor.Verbal was screwed.
I think I got the first few questions of verbal wrong.
I think am not fit for doing an tired now.
Will take GMAT again in 2 months time. ISB is a distant dream.
Will write later.

I'll leave for the exam center in about 30 miins. All the best.
Just crack GMAT and come smiling with a 700+ score.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Will I or Won't I?

There is so much at stake. This has been given the top most priority.
Work,friends,relations,health..Almost everything has been neglected.
Just to realize a dream. Will I do it tommorow?

God needs to be kind. Luck has to be on my side. Prayers have to be answered and hard work needs to pay off.
I want to visit my blog again with a big smile on my face.
Till then,
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Iam done with my review of maths and quants.I identifed some areas where Iam weak.
The best possible solution for me would be to get all the first few questions (first 10 ) right. If I can manage that, I see a 700.Else would just swallow my pride and accept whatever score I get. To be honest, I never expected that my situation would be like this.All the time, I was thinking that if one puts in around 2-3 hrs everyday, it will be easy to get a 700+ score.
Anyway, herez what I intend to do:
a)Follow the time schedule that I have made when i take the test.
b)Aim for high accuracy in the first few questions.
c)Make options so that POE can be used.
d)Get some grub to the center so that I don't fail because of hunger.

The prep is over. The battle begins the day after tomm.
I just review a few questions today. Did not study much.
I just don't want to stress myself.
Based on my scores, I should get a score somewhere between 650 and 700.
As I write this, Iam totally disappointed because I couldn't live up to my expectations again. I wanted a 700+ but thatz not something that I see in the future.
Will I be retaking the test ? Iam so tired that first thing I want is a break. Only then will I think...I shouldn't loose confidence and just hope for the best.
God's grace,family members prayers,my luck and hardwork should get me past 700.
Till then, no comments.!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Just 3 days before the the D-Day, I take my PowerPrep 2.
My score: 650.

Image Hosted by

What this means is I should see a score between these 650 to 700 in GMAT.
This is depressing because I was targetting a score more than 700.

Let me take a call.
A score of 700 +. No questions of retaking the exam. A happy me.
A score in between 650 and 690- Take the GMAT again.(again in a month)
Score of 690-Think about retaking the exam. Depends on priorities and other aspects of life. Mostly,will not take it.
A score of less than 650- Depression...Seriously need to analyze if Iam made for an MBA or not.

Things to learn in the test
* Question 3 of quant I had realized that I was killed. It was a tough one. But the worst part was that I lost my confidence.I shouldn't let this happen on the final day.
*The same happened in the verbal section too.

*I could an answer wrong because I marked the wrong choice by mistake.How stupid !
I could have easily snatched 10 points by avoiding such kind of mistakes.

The success for 700 is to maximize your quant and pray that u don't get stumped in verbal.There is nothing else other than this. I don't expect any miracle now...

But my eyes still long to see a 700 on screen.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I seem to have derailed from the track..Need to get back the focus and the mood.

There are 4 days for the test and Iam not getting sleep now itself.
Wonder how I would get sleep in the day before the exam.
700+ is the key man...C'mon...Am I dreaming of something achievable.?

Monday, August 02, 2004

Am getting scared now. The D-Day appears and I am getting the exam phobia.
But since I have to make it to ISB, I will work hard and go for it.

Herez the short list of action items that I need to complete:

Must Do
a)Review SC correction OG
b)Do the CAT maths.(Standard Deviation)

Review of Kaplan Verbal test.
OG Quant

Must Do:
a)Essay questions for AWA
b) Take Power Prep2

Go through all the material of verbal maintained in the file.
Go through all the quant material in the file.

Read AWA, figure out anything left and study that.
Pray,Keep my cool

Just keep my cool.
Watch a movie.
Pray. Call up home.Sleep early.

Saturday.-The GMAT day
Just do it. Erase any doubts that I have about myself.

Took my Kaplan verbal test now.Scored 27/41.
An accuracy of about 65%. This is not good news. Most of the questions were a repeat from the Kaplan CAT test and since Iam done with them,I should have had a better score.Just don't understand what I need to do to improve my score.
The good thing RC section appeared easy.

With 5 days to go, I need to chalk out a mini plan as to what I need to do in the coming days.It should focus on two points
a)Working on my weak areas
b)Reviewing everything that I have done till now.
c)Study for AWA

I have made notes on verbal and quant. Need to go through them too.
All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I do not know whether I should be happy about this or feel sad. It is said that the Powerprep results are an actual indicator of how you would do on the final day. I did the powereprep 1 now.I knew the questions from the OG. So, I did the test with great ease.
With a target of 700+ in mind, I should have scored atleast 720 coz I knew the questions very well..Itz a shame that inspite all this, I could only manage a 700.

Image Hosted by

What do I make from this score..?
-Iam poor in verbal. RC sucks big time. No matter how hard I try, Iam just not able to increase the verbal score.

-Quant shows a score of 49. I don't think I will be able to get a score like this in the real test.I have my doubts about it.

I just cannot take the GMAT again. Iam mentally tired and fed up with this preperation.

And a score of 700+ in real test looks like a distant dream .
No more getting into depression mode. With the GMAT just 5 days away, let me hope for the best. Buck up dude.!!

Don't you want to be in ISB?

Saw the Indians lose to the Sri Lankans in the Asia match.Am disappointed.
Iam all set to take the POWER PREP GMAT 1 test now. Will post the results after a few hrs.All the best.