Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"Thank you for submitting an application to the Master of Information Systems Management Program at Carnegie Mellon University."

Task for November done..Now, boy you have to make sure that application is complete.Wait and watch for the result then.

Low GMAT score scares me.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Another email comes now..Scares me..ISB..Make me a part of you.

"We have received your online application, and we look forward to reviewing it. Thank you!"

Sunday, November 28, 2004

"Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your online application to
Indian School of Business for 2005-06. "

Hope God up there is listening to me.:)

I submitted my online application minutes ago for the R1. Had mailed the paper components from from US to India. The adcom have not received it till now. Just hoping that things fall in place. Else, will have to chase the evaluators again during this Thanksgiving weekend so that they email the evaluation to adcom!

Things that can work against me is my low GMAT score (610.).Keeping my fingers crossed. Pray for me people.

I have worked my heart out on the ISB application. With a low GMAT score, I was always lagging in the race, but I worked in a disciplined and dedicated manner to make sure that I give in my best.

All the best and if my dream comes true, I should be at ISB soon.!

For the last two days, I have been hooked to the computer as I have been writing my ISB essays. The pressure to write good essays is more bcoz I have a low GMAT score (610). ISB is my first choice and I will put in my everything to get into it.
Also, I wrote an essay to the adcom stating that my low GMAT is not a reflection of my abilities. I wrote a scholarship essay too. I don't know how much of that will count with a low score.

Once, I submit the form today, I will work hard to make sure that I take GMAT again...Yeah, the struggle for me continues.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Working hard on the ISB essays!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Itz been a long week..slept everyday at 1 am and got up at 05.30...Finishing my draft for essays,reco inputs and ISB application form. Nah, it is not tiring. It is just getting me more closer to my dream.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Will I or Wont I ? If it is to be a fluke, let that be. If it is a hardwork, then it is.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Why? Why? Why?
Why don't you work on RC and CR when you are weak in those areas !

C'min man...this isn't fair !

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Can you please do the RCs from scoretop. It is a humble request. Do you possibly understand how much is at stake in ur life.
Nah, you don't.

You don't want the struggle to continue..Do you.
Then, please work hard, think about ur family, think about ur future, about ur life and work towards your goal.

You just can't have another disappointing GMAT score.!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Phew...GMAT is a monster...and the fear of the monster keeps you worried all through the day.Let me study some RC now.

1) There are 2 Online Applications in the Website.
a) Online application
b) Embark application.

I am staying outside India and I would like to know which application to complete. I heard from some friends that if we need Scholarships, we should use Online application(Not Embark application) Is it true?? I also need to apply for Scholarship so I request you to guide me in this regard/

The Answer:

"You can apply with either of the applications. It has nothing to do
with the scholarships."

My query:
2) In the FAQ section it is given that I can submit my OFFICIAL GMAT
Score within 3 weeks of Deadline. I am taking my GMAT on 24th of
November and I assume that by the 2nd week of December the Official
Scores will reach ISB(as it takes 2-3 weeks for Official scores to
reach). Is it so? Please confirm. I will be sending the scanned copy
of my Unofficial Score report before the due date..

The answer:

"We will process your application with the unofficial score report. The official report may follow."

My query:
3) Regarding Evaluation Forms: Is it compulsory to fill the evaluation sheet in the prescribed format of ISB (or) Is it valid to
submit an evaluation letter written by the evaluator on the Company's Letter head.

The answer:
"Evaluation on a letter head is acceptable. Please ensure that questions referred in the ISB format are answered"

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

ISB Fest-Poseidon

Indian School of Business (ISB)announces "Poseidon", November 27-28,
Poseidon is the annual b-school festival at the ISB. Poseidon offers
a common platform for students from the finest business schools all
over the world to test their mettle in competitive events. The
following events would take place:
• Twister – Online strategy game
• Tsunami – Biz Quiz
• Vortex – Fin Quiz
• Bounty – Fin Paper Presentation
• Blizzard – Mktg Quiz
• The Coke Wave – Mktg Case Competition
• Turbulence – Energy Case Competition
• Horizon – Emerging Markets Debate
• Typhoon – Entrepreneurship Case Competition
• Torrent – Tech Quiz
• Cyclone – Tech/SCM Paper Presentation
• Bermuda Triangle – Tech Case Competition

There will also be many informal events like Rock Show and Blind
Special note should be taken of Twister – the online strategy
It's the toughest strategy game to be played in cyberspace. The
registration closes on 4th November, so hurry and get yourself
For details, please visit www.isb-poseidon.com .
Dates: November 27-28, 2004
Venue: ISB Campus, Hyderabad, India
Contact address:
Email: poseidon@isb.edu


Question 1:
How many electives are to be taken in each concentration and what are the maximum number of subjects one can take all put
together in the electives

In the last four terms, you will take electives from five concentrations areas:
Strategic Marketing, and
Leadership & Change Management.

During the elective terms, you are required to enroll for a minimum of 16 courses (each of 1 credit). You have the option of taking two additional courses or independent studies either with a credit or a pass/fail option. You are required to take courses equivalent to at least three credits in each term. The maximum number of courses you can take in any elective term is five. Your total course load for the programme should not exceed 35 credits.

Question 2:
a) How are electives selected? I mean does people higher on merit scale get to select first.....or there are ample seats for everyone to pick their selections.
b) Is their some consultation provided by ISB on electives/concentrations

The electives are selected on the basis of the bidding process. we follow the same policy as in the US b-schools where u will be alloted points for the elective terms and then you need to bid with the points availale with u. in this case there is no merit based way of allocating the electives. one bids for the electives as per the priority list created by them.

Regarding your second question, i am not sure but what we do is generally go and talk to the prof. concerned. during our core terms the prof who is handling the particular concentration gives a brief about all the courses and the prof who will be teaching in some details. if one is interested, they can go and talk to them on an individual level and from my experience, they are more than willing to help u out regarding this.

Question 3
Are their any restrictions/recomendations on how to pick electives? I mean is there a formal defn of how an ISB student can finish (or indeed, must finish?) with a specialisation in Technology/Strategy? Or can you pick whatever you want?

To specialize in any particular concentration (Tech, LCM, Finance, Marketing or Entrprenuership), you need to have at least 6 credits
(i.e 6 courses of 1 credit each) under that concentration during your electives which is spread over 4 terms.

Also, you can specialize only in upto 2 concentrations (for example, Tech and Marketing).

There are some courses which are categorized under more than one concentration (say a course in technological entreprenuership falls
under tech as well as entreprenuership concentrations). You can count only ONE such course under both the concentrations.

I had emailed the admissions dept with a few qns. Here is the response.This might be useful to a a few folks

a) There are two online applications that exist
ISB Online Application
ISB - EMBARK Online Application
Which one should I use to submit my application from the United States.?

Admissions Dept wrote:
You may apply using Embark application.

b) I shall be sending the following details by post (15th Novemeber) and will submit my online application before the R1 deadline.
-Evaluation Forms (2 required)
-College transcript
-GMAT Score: unofficial score report
-Two Passport size photographs
-A Resume

I would like to know how would ISB keep a track of my application. Will I be given a specific id against which I can respond.

Admissions Dept wrote:
ID will not be required. We will collate them with your application. Please ensure that you also submit your class XII mark sheet.