Wednesday, May 26, 2004

MBA Blogs

The reason I follow MBA blogs is because it gives me the real picture of what is happening here. In my opinion, a blog something where one expresses his thoughts freely.Every student at ISB has his/her opinion and thus a blog gives his views about the school and its life.
I have been following these ISB blogs regularly and hopefully, next year same time, I will have my own blog on ISB.(I'll be really happy if I make it to ISB)I have even thought of the name and the template that Iam going to use for my blog about the ISB life.:)

Anyway, here are the blogs from ISB that I follow.
Ramkee's blog is one of my favorites.

ISB PGP04-05 student's blog
Sujayath's MBA@Speed of Light

Raja's days at ISB

ISB PGP04 studen'ts blog
Ramki's ad astra per aspera

ISB ISBPGP03 student's blog
Kanishka's blog

And if you want to see the blogs related to other B schools geography wise, click here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

GPA -Percentage
I came by this chart..Hope u find it useful.
And Iam not sure if this can be used for Engg marklists

GPA Conversion Chart:

4.0 - 95-100 - A
3.9 - 94 - A
3.8 - 93 - A
3.7 - 92 - A
3.6 - 91 - A
3.5 - 90 - A
3.4 - 89 - B
3.3 - 88 - B
3.2 - 87 - B
3.1 - 86 - B
3.0 - 85 - B
2.9 - 84 - B
2.8 - 83 - B
2.7 - 82 - B
2.6 - 81 - B
2.5 - 80 - B
2.4 - 79 - C
2.3 - 78 - C
2.2 - 77 - C
2.1 - 76 - C
2.0 - 75 - C
1.9 - 74 - C
1.8 - 73 - C
1.7 - 72 - C
1.6 - 71 - C
1.5 - 70 - C

PDF Creator:

Go to the following link (
and select the PDFCreator-0_8_0_GNUGhostscript.exe file to download.

Once the download is succesful, run the install and select full install.

Once that is installed, it should automatically install the new printer called

You can then go into any application and instead of printing to a normal printer, select the PDFCreator printer.

Once the PDF is created, try to open it and see if it looks correct

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Leadership and Change

Sumantra Ghoshal
Management Guru,Faculty

"The journey of a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly is a romantic one,but the experience is not a pleasant for the caterpillar.In the process of that transformation,it goes blind,its arms and legs fall off,and its body is torn apart as the beautiful wings emerge

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Mathematics topics that need to be covered.

1. Algebra
2. Averages
3. Clocks and Calendars
4. Function
5. Geometry
6. Interest
7. Mensuration
8. Mixtures & Alligations
9. Number System
10. Percentages
11. Permutation & Combination
12. Pipes & Cisterns And Work & Time
13. Probability
14. Profit & Loss
15. Races
16. Ratio, Proportion
17. Speed, Time & Distance
18. Trigonometry

To Study:

Here is the list of complete that I need to finish.

Official Guide (OG):
Number of questions
Problem Solving(PS) : 441
Reading Comprehension(RC) : 285
Critical Reasoning:(CR) : 205
Sentence Correction(SC) : 268

Kaplan Verbal Workout
RC: 14
CR: 12
SC: 15

Sentence Correction
SC: 22
SC: 23
sc: 22

Reading Comprehension
RC: 18
RC: 18
RC: 18

Critical Reasoning:

Mock Test: 41

ARCO'S Preperation:

Reading Comprehension

Sentence Correction

Critical Reasoning

Problem Solving:

Data Sufficiency:

Practice Test 1:
Verbal: 41
Quant: 37

Practice Test 2:
Verbal: 41
Quant: 37

Practice Test 3:
Verbal: 41
Quant: 37

Practice Test 4:
Verbal: 41
Quant: 37

Practice Test 5:
Verbal: 41
Quant: 37

Friday, May 21, 2004

Although my prep has not been upto the mark, Iam confident that things will go well soon.I ordered a laptop and soon that should put my preperation on the fast track.

I personally feel GMAT is an exam where one needs to keep his cool.
While preparing in february, I was more stressed out. I was not staying at home,there was work pressure,mental tensions and biting cold.I did a good thing by cancelling the test.

If the planning and the strategy is good, things go fine.

During my school days, I never planned for my exams.
While in college, I understood that if the plan is well prepared and the goal is split into small chunks of do-able items,the results would be good.

It will be 4 years since I have been away from active studies.Iam to do well.
I have to understand my weakness and work on them.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Iam not happy with my preperation

It has been 2 days since I started preparing for the GMAT and Iam not happy with the level,intensity of the preperation Iam doing. I wake up early (sometimes at 4am) and study for a couple of hours but this is not helping.
Either Iam not able to concentrate or I feel the stuff boring. The basic thing about GMAT Prep is to sit and chalk out a strategy and I think I have not been able to do that . If there is no goal and a plan of action, how do I expect to get good results. I should remember that I am aiming for a 700+ score. I have to buy a dsktop or a laptop in the next few days and track my progress regularly. I should find out my weak areas and focus on my strengths.The quant part looks simple on the OG but I expect it to be more tougher. What I need is few more questions.

I plan to use the following stuff for my GMAT

a) Official Guide
b) Kaplan Verbal Book
c) Barron's GMAT
d) Arco's GMAT
e) Princeton CDs
f) Arco CDs
g) Kaplan CDs
h) Material from the net-gmat_downloads, gmatplus.
i) Arco GMAT Essays
j) IMS GMAT material,

I should complete the OG atleast 2 times. The date for the test is August 8th and I should finish it twice by July15. I also need to work on the sentence correction and the RC part.

Iam planning to study quant from CAT material (IMS or Career Launcher). I want to do tough questions.I should practice so hard that all the questions in the GMAT book should appear very easy.

The tempo needs to be maintained and I should give in my best. Atleast 3 hrs a day on weekdays and 7 hrs on weekends is what Iam aiming at.I will check back after a few days to see how Iam preparing.
'Woe Is I' . I need to read this book and get understand the fundas.
I will maintain an excel sheet of the number of questions that I solve each day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Prep for GMAT kicks off

I booked my slot for GMAT today. Itz on the 8th of August at 9am. I have close to 70 days to prepare.700+ is the aim and I will get it! Commit to a date and then work towards its succes.Thats the way to go about it.All the best dude

Friday, May 14, 2004

15 Lacs on an MBA-Is it justified

I am unable to justify the ROI on the enormous spending during one's tenure at ISB.
If I go by the average salary for a 4 year w/x ( as my case is ), typically It would be < 10 L. In this case,One would land in financial difficulties - 15 L is a big amount unless one gets a foreign placement.

A response:
I am from the class of 2004. I just read your mail, and thought back to the time I was deciding on an MBA from ISB. Some thoughts:

- I agree with you on the magnitude of the amount,...15L is a big deal, especially when you don't know how and when you will pay it off / recover it.

- Regarding salaries, it all depends on what industry/function are you looking at. For our batch, in domestic placements, BPOs tended to pay higher than other industries.

- The other way of looking at this is that this investment is for a long-term. An MBA from a reputed institute gives you a big jump in how the industry values you, and the kind of roles you get.

- An MBA from ISB is only a one year program, so it's better in terms of a time value of money consideration. You don't take too long a break from work, and you have a chance to change functions/industry, and become part of a growing network of some amazing individuals/professionals.

- There is a risk factor involved, like there is in any MBA, as there are no guarantees regarding placements.

In the end, there are both pros and cons, so you pit one against the other and see what works best for you

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Vinoo Urs Speaks
Check the interview of Vinoo Urs, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid about the admission process.

In short,
* Average GMAT score is 692 this year. Was 690 last year. It almost remains the same.
* Average work ex is 3 to 4.4 years, similar to the 4.6 to 4.7 years average last year.
* Average age : 27 years.
* No of intake :290. A big leap from last years 220
*Students representatives fom USA, Canada, Germany, South Africa, the UAE and Pakistan. Last read was that the Paki lady did not get visa and couldn't join ISB.
* Seven to eight students of non-Indian origin
* This year the scholarships were offered at the time of admission.
*Lastly, next years admission strategy is to get people from the smaller cities like say Pune, Baroda, and Jaipur etc

With the new Class of 2005 all set to begin their year at the ISB, we talk to Vinoo Urs, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Having handled the admissions for the last three years, do you find any significant differences this year? Has there been any change in the profile of the applicant?
A very significant change is that we have very few people applying with less than two years experience compared to previous years. In terms of people with low GMAT scores, we had very few of such people.
It is pretty apparent from the applications that only a person with a certain kind of profile tends to apply to the ISB. They generally tend to have sound work experience, good academics and a GMAT score of anywhere over 600. In that sense, a lot of our groundwork has paid off, and the ISB is now perceived as a School where you have to be strong in many areas to apply and be successful.
The ISB is very committed to diversity - educational, cultural, professional, as well as in terms of gender.

How diverse is the class of 2005?
The number of women in terms of percentage remains largely the same as last year - somewhere between 17 to 18 per cent. In terms of diversity, we have more countries represented - we have people from the USA, Canada, Germany, South Africa, the UAE and Pakistan. We wish the number of foreign students were more… we have seven to eight students of non-Indian origin... but I think it is a matter of time before that happens.
In terms of professional diversity, it is an established fact at any B-school globally, that in a given year, people tend to join from those industries which are doing well. If you go by that yardstick, at the ISB this year we have a large number of people from theTechnology Services and Manufacturing sectors. To that extent, diversity is defined by how well the economy is doing, and in which areas.
We value diversity at the ISB - but we also have to meet our basic academic and work experience standards. Given the fulfilment of these criteria, diversity is encouraged, but not at the cost of our minimum standards.

Do we have any unusual backgrounds? Say another deep-sea diving professional like last year?
We do have people from the Navy, the Army, and lots of people with very interesting work experience and backgrounds. Unfortunately, no deep diving professionals this year (laughs). Most people this year come from very strong work experience, including world-renowned companies.
We also have people with family business background, which is interesting because one of ISB's thrust is entrepreneurship. Some of these family businesses are huge, like for example, we have the son of the family promoting Zodiac businesses, while another person joining us hails from a family which runs this huge bread business in Kerala. They join us because they believe an ISB education will help them better face the challenges of tomorrow.

To get an overview, how different is this class from previous classes?The Class is not dramatically different from the previous three years. It has a GMAT average of 692, which is similar to the above 690 average we always maintain. In terms of work experience, the class average is somewhere between 4.3 to 4.4 years, similar to the 4.6 to 4.7 years average last year. The average age hovers around 27 years.

What are the anticipated numbers of students in this class?
This year, the number will be anywhere between 290 and 295. It is a huge, though anticipated, leap.

What kind of financial aid does the ISB offer its students?
This year, one of the things we did was to offer scholarships at the time of admission. Some scholarships are based on merit, while substantial numbers are based on need. We have given around 110 scholarships, with an average of Rs 1.5 lakh per scholarship.

Are there any company scholarships?
We have had several multinational corporations which have sponsored scholarships and financial aid now and in the past. We have had Citibank, HSBC, Norvatis, among others who have been part of our programme. Interestingly, their support to students goes beyond aid - for example, last year all students selected for aid by Citibank were also offered jobs.

How many company-sponsored candidates do we have?
Usually, we don't get very many sponsored candidates largely because most people tend to do a management education to switch their sector, or function, and in some ways, a sponsorship of this kind may hinder the switch, more so at the ISB where over 80 per cent of the students tend to receive lateral offers.
A reason why sponsorship is not particularly popular with our students, even though several companies are very glad to sponsor them.

What are your plans for next year?
One of the things we see is a substantial number of students tend to come from the Indian Metros, and cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore. We would like to change our strategy slightly so we can get people from the smaller cities like say Pune, Baroda, and Jaipur etc. We will change focus to target these groups better even while we try to get more women and international students