Thursday, July 28, 2005

NDTV - Profit will telecast the TATA Crucible Quiz - National Finals on Saturday - 30th July 2005 at 22:30hrs and will repeat on Sunday - 31st July 2005 at 12:30hrs.

Watch me on TV loose Rs 2 Lakhs ! ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Iam back from the quiz. At the national finals, couldn't put up a good show.
The Kolkata wineers won the quiz and took home Rs 2 lakh, an air-conditioner and loads of goodies.
The whole Tata Crucibl experience was a really good one. I met a lot of interesting quizzers.There were folks who had won earlier the Brand Equity quiz. There were also AIMA quiz winners and a few brains who had gone up to the mastermind finals.It was a great experience meeting them.

Staying at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Towers, right opposite the Gateway of India was a fabulous experience.A few of my the quizzers there saw Mr Prahalad Kakkar and Mr Anil Ambani at the Shamiana (dining room).!!

Although, We lost the quiz, we did not come back empty handed.We got a digital camera, gift hampers from Westside, a set of binoculars and a custom made bag with our names imprinted on it!

I also met Metal that evening. I have been speaking and interacting with him for a long time now but had never met him. It was good to meet him. We couldn't talk much as I had other guests too. We hope to stay in touch through our blogs.He is very different from what I had imagined him to be.He leaves to the US on the 02,Aug and I wish him all the best for his B school experience.

A faculty from Queen's will be coming down to India to teach the students at ISB this September. This is great news.I would definitely be interested in meeting her.I'll contact the Kingston office and check when she would be here in India.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

We meet again

I was at the Lifestyle store today morning . A friend of mine was checking out a shoe for him. I bumped into Mr Menon,Admissions director of ISB again.:)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Coca-Cola Threatens Top Indian Photographer with Lawsuit

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Out of action..? or Man of action..?

If I have been out of the blogging world for some dayz now,here are the reasons.

a) French Class

I have signed up for a 2 month French Class for Beginners. These classes start at 7 am every weekday and believe me, it takes a lot of determination to get up every morning at 05.30 am and drive for more than 20km to learn a foreign language.
French is also an official language in Canada and learning the language will make life easier.

b) A new Job

A few days back, I happen to give an interview at one of India's most admired IT company.(You guessed it..right!). They have offered me a job. The offer is good.
I get a salary that I had quoted, a role that I wanted and a work location that will get me closer to home. So, I have accepted the offer and submitted my resignation to my current employer. If everything works out fine, August end should see me packing my bags and heading home to take up the new job.

c) Biz Quiz.- Battle ground for the Sharpest Brains
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Amidst all this hungama, my teammate and I managed to win the Hyderabad round of the Tata Crucible -Biz Quiz. The regional winners (i.e. us) get a cash prize of Rs 60,000 plus get loads of gift hampers from Titan, Westside and other Tata companies.
The quiz was covered by a few of the local newspapers and will be shown on CNBC-India on a later date. We got some nice publicity. We hadn't won any quiz of such a big magnitude. Our team now travels to Mumbai on 24th of this month (air tickets sponsored by Indian Airlines and stay by Taj Hotels) for the national finals and if we win the quiz there, we would walk away with Rs 2 Lakh cash prize. So pray for us!

If you are wondering what are the kind of quiz questions we cracked to emerge as the winners, here are a few :

i)In the day of "The Raj" What was "Company Kagaz" issued by
East India Company?

## Share Certificates

2) Antrix is the commercial/marketing wing of which Indian


3) Complete the famous International campaign – "At Bennetton,
the smallest garment is a ____________"
## Condom

4) What was originally called "McLaughlin's Belfast-Style ginger
Ale" after its creator John McLaughlin, a Canadian chemist?
## Canada Dry

5) According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, only sand from a
certain place in India can be used for laboratory testing of cement
or concrete. Where does this special sand come from?
## Eluru in Andhra Pradesh

6) Which company would you associate Late Gulshan Kumar with?
## T-Series

7) "As white as snow" describes which product?
## Nivea

8) The union of 4 founder companies namely _______, DKW, Horch
and Wanderer formed this automobile major. What are we talking about?
## Audi

9) "With you all the way" is the punchline of which Indian Bank?
## SBI

10) Which corporation at its Headquarters has man made lakes named
Jordan, Sampras and Mia Ham?

## Nike

Q) Its called Mehran in Pakistan. How do we know it in India? (Hint:
The common link is another brand called Suzuki)
## Maruti

Sunday, July 10, 2005

KPMG Foundation establishes Faculty Fellowship in Accounting at Queen's School of Business

July 7, 2005 ,KINGSTON, ON :
The KPMG Foundation, Canada announced today that it is establishing the KPMG Faculty Fellowship in Accounting at Queen's School of Business, with a pledge of $250,000 and an additional donation of $50,000.

KPMG is proud to establish the first Fellowship in Accounting at Queen's, says William A MacKinnon, CEO of KPMG Canada. We have many exceptional employees who are graduates of the Queen's Commerce program, including more than a dozen partners, so it is very fitting that we support the School by ensuring that talented professors are there for future generations.

As part of the Fellowship, the firm recognized the strong relationship between KPMG and Queen's and in particular the leadership of KPMG Inc. Vice-Chair Doug McIntosh, who is also Chair of the Queen's School of Business Advisory Board and a Queen's Commerce alumnus, with the donation of $50,000.

Doug has been a valued supporter of the School during a time of significant expansion, says Dr. David Saunders, Dean of Queen's School of Business. During Doug's five years as Chair, two new MBA programs were launched and the University completed a fundraising campaign that raised $262 million, including $20 million for a new building for Queen's School of Business.

Larry Murray, Chairperson of the KPMG Foundation, Canada, outlined the rationale for awarding this first Fellowship in Accounting to Queen?s School of Business.

The KPMG Fellowship will support accounting research of the highest caliber within the School, says Mr. Murray.While Queen's Commerce students will benefit from this original research, so too will the business community as a whole. KPMG is committed to advancing accounting skills and practices throughout industry and we are proud to have our name associated with Queen's School of Business and their outstanding accounting faculty.

The KPMG Faculty Fellowship in Accounting will continue in perpetuity, with the annual interest earned directed to providing research funding to a faculty member the Fellow who is appointed for three years with the opportunity to renew.

Dr. Michael Welker has been named the inaugural KPMG Faculty Fellow in Accounting. Dr. Welker is an Associate Professor of Financial Accounting at Queen's School of Business with exceptional research credentials. His work examines the relationship between accounting information and firm valuation, and has been published in such top academic journals as The Accounting Review; Contemporary Accounting Research; Accounting Organizations and Society, and The Journal of Financial Research. Researchers from Harvard, Wharton, MIT and the University of Michigan, among others, have cited Dr. Welker's findings. He serves as an Associate Editor of Canadian Accounting Perspectives and on the editorial board of Contemporary Accounting Research.