Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have received a lot of emails in the past few weeks from prospective applicants enquiring about Queen's. The questions have primarily revolved around there key topics
- Interview tips
- Life at Queen's
- Job scene in North America.

Traditionally, B School applications are high during a downturn, and I wouldn't be surprised if Queen's receives a lot of applications this year. All the best if you are starting B School this year. Yes, there would certainly be uncertainty about the economy, but I assume that you are doing an MBA for a long term benefit rather than a short term one. So, you are the best person to decide about what needs to be done next rather than asking people if you should accept an offer or defer it.

I have always mentioned that Queen's is a very unique school. Two aspects that stand out are the team based learning and the international experience. Every year, I get connected to recent graduates from the program and the message I get is the same - the school makes a BIG difference in your life.

Regarding interviews, I would state that it would be straight and simple. There would be the usual questions (why MBA, why Queen's, why now, why Canada). There would also be specific questions (arranging finances, short term and long term plans) and there would be questions based on your resume.

The people interviewing you are very nice and want to understand you better. So, don’t be nervous – stay positive and create an impact. Oh yes, if you are having a telephonic interview - speak slowly, especially, if you have a thick Indian accent and the person at the other end is a non Indian!

Good luck!



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