Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stay Sharp

A job interview ahead. You have done all the reading, crafted all the answers, read all the case studies. Now, you are wondering about what to wear. Here are some tips to stay sharp (for men)

-Decide on a white or light blue dress shirt
-Your suit could be of the following color:Navy blue or black
-Use a conservative tie print
-Ensure that the shoes have laces and are well polished
-Make sure that your belt matches you shoes
-Match your socks with your trousers
-Avoid wearing jewelery (no ear studs please!)
-Ensure that you have clean trimmed fingernails. When you work through the case -
questions on your scribble pad, the interviewer would be able to see that.
-Get a haircut. Short hair is the best
-Carry a light briefcase or portfolio case
-Carry a nice classy pen

If there is something more, please let me know, and I will add that to the list



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