Friday, September 26, 2008

Booz & Co in India again!

Well, the times have changed.?

Booz & Co, the global consulting firm that was spun off from Booz Allen Hamilton in July 2008, is re-entering India. The company is making a comeback eight years after it shut shop in the country in January 2000 to focus more on developed markets.

"Ten to 12 years ago, few companies understood what consultants could bring in. The market has evolved since then. Today, they understand what consultants can do in handling any kind of discontinuities,'' said Suvojoy Sengupta, Booz India CEO, who has relocated to India with four to five consultants.

"Today, Indian companies are much savvier. They have either used consultants or considered using one at some point of time,'' said Sengupta. Shumeet Banerji, the firm's global CEO, was a part of the Booz India team in the mid-1990s"

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