Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bolti bandh. Gaana Shuru.

I haven't seen the phone yet, but if it delivers what it promises, I think Samsung has a winner in hand. In this crowded mobile market, this one definitely stands out.
Why? It is India's first 'Mobile Karaoke' phone with preloaded karaoke content.

Yes,Indians like to sing and this one is for them! An all time favorite past time for Indians at picnics, schools (and during a train journey) is to take part in Antakshri.To add to that, check out any TV channel and you'll find talent shows (everybody seems to be singing these days).

I always felt that if there could be bars and pubs with different themes (sports,quiz etc), there was always room for a karaoke bar. If positioned well, a karaoke bar has a solid market in India.

Anyway, this phone from Samsung could create the market for that. So, call it a shameless display of "raw" talent or a way of expressing one's emotion, my guess is that Indians would love to try out the "karaoke phone".

Samsung has got Aamir Khan to do the TV commercials for this phone. The man is actually singing!. The phone is priced quite right - at Rs 10,899 and has all the essentials (2 MP camera, video recording support, MP3 player) that a youngster could hope for. I'll definitely check out the phone when I get a chance.



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