Sunday, September 30, 2007

IIM grad turns to improving education

From the Times of India, September 30th

Ranchi: A fancy office, a hefty salary and an impressive designation on the business card are usually what most IIM students step into after passing out from the prestigious institutes.
When 24-year-old Gargi Agarwal De passed out from IIM-A in April 2007, she too had all these at her disposal. Only, she chose to trudge a different path. Gargi, who had herself gone through the grind of Indian education, wanted to bring a radical change in the system.
She was convinced that learning needed to be more interactive, growth-oriented and application-based rather than the centuries-old mugging-up for it to make a difference in the students’ intake. And that is exactly what she began working on.
“While pursuing my degree at Ahmedabad, I realised that the way we are taught in schools hardly helps in proper growth of a child. Kids are instructed to merely mug up things without understanding it,’’ said Gargi.
So, the young manager decided to set up a chain of preparatory schools —- De’s elementary school — with its first two branches in Jamshedpur, her hometown, and then expand to other cities and states in the country.
“Just because the child has to get into a reputed school, parents allow the teachers to do whatever is necessary to get the admission without putting their own mind to it. Therefore, after completing my degree I returned to Jamshedpur and decided to open preparatory schools where kids will be taught through interaction rather than being made to memorise the text book.’’
She will be helped by her husband Alokendra De, who has been teaching since he was 17.
A unique feature of the school will be that parents will be required to spend at least two hours a week in the school with their wards, compulsorily. “In today’s hectic life parents think their child’s growth as an understanding and intelligent human being is solely the school’s responsibility. But this is a wrong notion. I have intentionally included parents’ attendance to make them realise their responsibility towards their child’s learning,’’ said Gargi.
Another innovative concept is that teachers will be partners in the institution — 50% of the earning will be divided among them. This has been done with an objective to give them a handsome earning as opposed to the usual trend.
“I want my teachers to be the best and for this they definitely require a decent earning. The best way is by making them partners rather than employing them at a fixed salary,’’ said she


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congratulations India for winning the World T20 Cup


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some good websites that will help you work towards your personal goals

Personal Mission Statements

43 Things

Daily digest and pointers on productivity

BTW, I am coming up with a few more blogs (Now that the MBA is over!).I hope to post stuff regularly in them. These blogs will be a repository of information from various sources. The first one would have some tips on staying healthy (especially for the Indians who have a unique lifestyle). The other would be news and updates on the telecomm sector (a field that I enjoy) and the last blog would be some tips on improving one's written style (something that I feel I need to work upon).

If I can stay committed, and post stuff on these blogs for a month, I'll let you know about them.


Friday, September 21, 2007

The Big Makeover

Pink is now red as Hutch is Vodafone in India now

"As part of a Rs 300-crore advertising blitz, Vodafone has booked virtually all the ad slots on Star TV for September 20. Star sells 10 minutes of commercial time per hour

Vodafone will use all of the commercial airtime across the STAR India network from 9 p.m. on September 20 to 9 p.m. on September 21 to run TV commercials, transition bumpers and contest spots to promote the Vodafone Essar brand. "


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where am I going?

The great writer and thinker, Christopher Morley, famously wrote:
"There are three ingredients to the good life - learning, earning and yearning."

Read this nice article to figure out where your life is going.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Think, Therefore I Do

The recent edition of Outlook India has a special on Indian B School rankings. Forget the rankings.. I really enjoyed reading this article that talks about how some B School grads have gone ahead to start something of their own. Do give it a read. You'll like it.

Indian B-schools are not known to produce entrepreneurs. When we asked the alumni to provide us with some examples, most of them laughed. "I can think of a lot of IITians who have made that grade, but not IIMs. Management grads make better CEOs and professionals; they are safe players, not risk-takers," said one of them. Sad, as many global institutes are passionate about producing change-drivers who can become leaders or businessmen.
They don’t wish to churn out robotic managers, who become defensive players trying to climb up the executive hierarchy towards their seven-figure salaries. So, we were pleasantly surprised that the situation is changing now, albeit slowly, in IIMs and other B-schools. One reason: potential entrepreneurs are realising that a B-school stint can fulfil their ambitions. In fact, some B-schools have decided to rear and breed entrepreneurs. We hope the next Dhirubhai emerges out of an IIM or ISB. Here are snapshots of those who defied the traditional B-school logic and became start-up founders, or who further honed their existing business skills at B-schools.

Deep Kalra, 38, IIM-A, Gurgaon

Kavita Iyer, 34, IIM-A, Bangalore

E. Sarathbabu, 28, IIM-A
Foodking Catering Services, Ahmedabad

Nitin Vyakaranam, 29, ISB
Arthayantra, Hyderabad

Sumantra Roy, 28, ISB
Conversion Multiplier, Calcutta

Ravi Venkatesam, 37, IIM-B
OnTrac, Bangalore

Varsha Bhavnani, 27, ISB
Vinegar Exports, Mumbai

Subramani Ramachandrappa, 32, ISB
Richcore Lifesciences, Bangalore

Sreeram Vaidyanathan, 29, IIM-A
BrewHaHa, Bangalore

Sheetal V. Talwar, 37, IMT
WSG Films, Mumbai

Venky Natarajan, 38, ISB
Vidvus Technology Solutions, Coimbatore

Animesh Kumar, 29, ISB, Bangalore

Abhijeet Virmani, 32, IIM-C
Positron advisory services, Delhi

Suparna Chopra, 23, ISB
The Royal Time Machine, Delhi

Lakshmanan Narayan, 35, IIM-C
Vembu Technologies, Chennai


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Queen's in Forbes MBA Rankings

Forbes Magazine has come out with their 2007 MBA rankings.The business schools ranked by Forbes for the best one-year non-US MBA programmes were: IMD (Switzerland), INSEAD (France), Cambridge (Judge, UK), Instituto de Empresa (Spain), Cranfield (UK), SDA Bocconi (Italy), Oxford (Said, UK), Lancaster (UK), City (Cass, UK), Queen's (Canada) and HEC-Montreal (Canada).

Click here for the details