Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Think, Therefore I Do

The recent edition of Outlook India has a special on Indian B School rankings. Forget the rankings.. I really enjoyed reading this article that talks about how some B School grads have gone ahead to start something of their own. Do give it a read. You'll like it.

Indian B-schools are not known to produce entrepreneurs. When we asked the alumni to provide us with some examples, most of them laughed. "I can think of a lot of IITians who have made that grade, but not IIMs. Management grads make better CEOs and professionals; they are safe players, not risk-takers," said one of them. Sad, as many global institutes are passionate about producing change-drivers who can become leaders or businessmen.
They don’t wish to churn out robotic managers, who become defensive players trying to climb up the executive hierarchy towards their seven-figure salaries. So, we were pleasantly surprised that the situation is changing now, albeit slowly, in IIMs and other B-schools. One reason: potential entrepreneurs are realising that a B-school stint can fulfil their ambitions. In fact, some B-schools have decided to rear and breed entrepreneurs. We hope the next Dhirubhai emerges out of an IIM or ISB. Here are snapshots of those who defied the traditional B-school logic and became start-up founders, or who further honed their existing business skills at B-schools.

Deep Kalra, 38, IIM-A, Gurgaon

Kavita Iyer, 34, IIM-A, Bangalore

E. Sarathbabu, 28, IIM-A
Foodking Catering Services, Ahmedabad

Nitin Vyakaranam, 29, ISB
Arthayantra, Hyderabad

Sumantra Roy, 28, ISB
Conversion Multiplier, Calcutta

Ravi Venkatesam, 37, IIM-B
OnTrac, Bangalore

Varsha Bhavnani, 27, ISB
Vinegar Exports, Mumbai

Subramani Ramachandrappa, 32, ISB
Richcore Lifesciences, Bangalore

Sreeram Vaidyanathan, 29, IIM-A
BrewHaHa, Bangalore

Sheetal V. Talwar, 37, IMT
WSG Films, Mumbai

Venky Natarajan, 38, ISB
Vidvus Technology Solutions, Coimbatore

Animesh Kumar, 29, ISB, Bangalore

Abhijeet Virmani, 32, IIM-C
Positron advisory services, Delhi

Suparna Chopra, 23, ISB
The Royal Time Machine, Delhi

Lakshmanan Narayan, 35, IIM-C
Vembu Technologies, Chennai



At 10:00 AM, Blogger Bhaskar said...

This change is evident from the recent changes in the economy as a whole. About 15 years ago we were defending our budgets and negative deficit. Now wonder moderation of regulations and increased privatised sectors spurs more businesses.
And the notable fact is most IITs or "techies" spur new businesses in university which offers support of resources and guidance..
as SRK says in swades.."the wheel started to spin now"...

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous m.p.singh said...

last year two IIM grad rejected their international offers, two years back IRMA's (Indian rural mgmt) created a history, they rejected the offer of 8 Lacs and join hands and decided to work for poor people and now they are successful. So the thought process of Indians is changing. Intially Indian grads feel unsecure and unsafe to start a business but now due to oppurtunites and scope here itself they are enjoying and slowly we (India) will lead as America is doing today..

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