Thursday, March 10, 2005

Boost my ego :)

Infectious smile
Wonderful team worker
Inspiring leader
You'll enjoy drinking beer with him.
A bit moody..
Bad roomie (always hooked to the internet)

These are some of the feedback I got in my farewell party at office today. Had a feeling of emptiness within me when I was asked to give a speech.When I joined this account,we were a mere 12 member team..and now we stand at 120 (onshore and offshore combined).I started as an effective team worker(July 2003) and slowly moved to a position where I kinda told ppl what to do.Working with ppl from SE Asia, Europe and North America was the best experience.

Interestingly,the Toastmaster session that I attended today morning had a surprise for me. The Indian flag was kept next to the American flag when the folks were taking the Pledge of Allegiance. I liked it. Clap..Clap !!

I will miss the work enviornment here. I will miss the people here. I will miss the toastmasters session.Itz not gonna be B school for me this year as I had initially planned it.But then there will definitely be something better coz I have worked hard for it and am sure I'll be rewarded.

I plan to learn French and guitar if I get somet time in India. Two things I have always wanted to do.


At 7:01 PM, Anonymous bharani said...

"Infectious Smile"..I want to see that..Sometime back you said that one american girl liked your smile ;)..Hmm..million dollar smile boy!

Yeah, you will definitely miss the environmen back in India, especially when you feel like you want to escape from crowd/tension..

Good work on the professional front..Keep it up..

French & Guitar..It's going to take some commitment..use your one year well...

Every now and then, give some tips to me..I'll turn to you when I need moral lift ;-)


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