Saturday, March 12, 2005

All set to go.

I just checked in my luggage, went through the security checks, had my coffee and am now all set to start my journey. I will be shortly taking a flight to Newark and from there will take the flight to India in the evening. I am carrying 2 check in baggages and both of them weighed more than 70 pounds.For a second, I wondered if I was carrying stones in my bag.!!I hated myself for it.

When I got up in the morning today, there was a feeling of emptiness within me.I have been in this place since July 03 and I kinda knew it pretty well.I was getting attached to it.This is a small, "not so cool" place ..Yet,I like it coz it was quiet and peaceful.My personal opinion is that if you are a poet or an artist, this place can provide you the ideal surroundings to bring out ur creativity.:)

The last one year have been very different.Most of the people with whom I have interacted are the ones whom I never met.So, this post goes as a tribute to all of them.When I was down and low, just chatting and sharing my thoughts with them induced confidence within me.I would definitely want to meet each of them some day.

I will make a visit to ISB in May and will give Dip,Bharani,Rohit a surprise.I would also like to meet Rohit Koshie coz he has been very visible in the yahoo groups ;).
I will stay in touch with Rock coz he has plans of starting a company after graduating from Chicago GSB and I might work for him. :)

K is the one with whom I had interacted the most.On speaking to him for the first time, I realized that both of us are from the same state.And then he surprised me when I got to know that he is my cousin's good pal and ...then we ended up getting WL at ISB and the bond became stronger. He he.!! One should listen to our converstaions and u'll know how much we curse the monster GMAT exam and the ruthless admission commitee. :D

Life will take a different path from now. The next few days will be spent meeting friends, loved ones and spending time with them.It will be good. The Indo-Pak cricket season is on and itz the right time for me to be head back home.

I would love to see genius Sachin score a triple century in this series.
Good luck folks..and I'll keep updating my blog from India.!


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey MFQ,

Welcome to Hyd buddy.

Has the fight to ur flight ended then?

Cheers, Guru


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