Thursday, December 09, 2004


Do you watch movies for fun.? Perhaps.
But my company HR trainers have a different purpose when they show us a movie.

The movie is not meant to kill time or to relax us.
Instead, it is to explain concepts like Leadership,Teamwork,Integriy, Ethics in a nice and easy manner.
And yes,it is easier to understand when you see view a movie and dissect it.

In our training sessions, we are shown movies.
12 angry men,Groundhogs day and Remember the Titans were a few I saw in the last few weeks.

Since, the christmas holidays would start and it snows heavily here, my movement will be restircted. If I think too much about ISB results, I'll get stressed out. So, I decided to do some internet surfing and came out with a few movies on these concpets which I can watch in the next few weeks.

So, here is my list. Air Force One is one of my favorites. Harrion Ford was brilliant.A leader like him can inspire anyone.
Italian Job is also a adventurous one..but if you observe carefully, itz a nice example on team work.;)

Lagaan is another good one.
A professor at IIM Bangalore, Biswajeet Pattanayak uses it to teach his students lessons on leadership.

BTW, I have just another movie to watch before I earn my MBA in movies. :)
Sounds strange. Just visit this site and u'll learn more.

List of movies on Leadership,team works, integrity..and what not

In case you have something to suggest, please do so.

Seven Samurai
Shawshanks Redemption
Apollo 13
Breaker Morant
Chariots of Fire
Henry V
Lean on Me
A Man for All Seasons
October Sky
Pay it Forward
Remember the Titans
Stand and Deliver
Bridge on the River Kwai
12 O clock High
Courage Under Fire
Wall Street
A Few Good Men.


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