Monday, September 11, 2006

The qualities of a Salesman

Do you enjoy sales ? ..Be honest.

We all know that Sales is a tough job. Some people stay in sales because they think that this is a temporary thing...some get into it as they have no choice.... and some simply like the challenge involved in sales.

Shannon Goodspeed, the program director, is teaching us the Sales portion of the Marketing Fundamentals . An MBA from Queen's University, she has rich experience in sales working for HP and other tech companies.

Here are some useful tips she shared with us in the class:

A succesful salesperson always looks for 3 qualities in his prospective customer:

  • Money to spend
  • Authority to take a decision
  • Need for the product.

Lee Iaococca said his success in sales was based on the CADIF principle

  • Commitment
  • Attention to
  • Detail
  • Immediate
  • Followup

Customer personality styles are of 4 types

  • Analytical
  • Driver
  • Amiable
  • Expressive

You can read more about the customer profile here


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