Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Queen’s MBA Walk Across Canada Challenge

The MBA students in the class were given a free pedometer.The pedoneter has great features such as Total Distance counter,Panic Alarm,Calorie Counter,Timer etc apart from the regular features.And the reason for providing us the pedometer was for "Walk Across Canada" challenge.
This is part of the "Fit to Lead" initiative by Queen's and is a new competition among all the Queen's MBA program.

Here are a few more details from the post on the portal:
What is it?
We are challenging each current MBA class to walk across Canada.

Who are we competing against?
The competition
-AMBA, EMBA, MBAST, Queen’s Cornell, Ottawa and QSB Staff
-The equalizer - Top 30 on each team count toward weekly team totals
-The goal is for each team to walk 7,281Km of the Trans-Canada Hwy.
-Prizes for top teams and individuals

How do we compete?
Count your personal steps to help your class walk the Trans-Canada Hwy from Victoria BC to St. John’s NFLRecord your steps and keep track of the progress.

The Standards
5Km =10, 000 steps
30 people at 10,000 steps/day = 48 days to Walk Across Canada

The Heart and Stroke has paired with Queen's for this great Challenge.


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