Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Change Management and Madonna

Prof Tina Dacin, one of the “jewels of the Queen’s school of Business” is teaching us Change Management this stage. Prof Dacin was rated by Business Week as one of the Outstanding Faculty at a US Business school. She is also a visiting professor at the Kellog MBA School and ISB.

Prof Dacin’s teaching style is very unique. There are some professors who know the art of teaching and she is one of them. When she teaches , she give examples, present facts, shares experiences and finally weave a story to make you realize a strategy framework for change management.For example, to introduce the concept of change in an organization, the class had to analyze a case on Robin Hood. You can read the case here. We analyzed the problems Robin Hood was facing and had to come up with recommendations. It was fun to hear some of the folks in the class use terms like "niche market", "Value proposition", "competitive advantage", "process reengineering" while describing the solutions for Robin Hood.

To make us understand how companies have been successful over a period of time by adapting to change, she gave us the example of Madonna.

The picture on the left was displayed and we were asked to analyze the reason for Madonna’s success . The sucess reasons can be attributed to the following factors:

I am sure that thre will be plenty of takeaways by the end of this course.


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous bhaskar said...

If I am not wrong,I read article in FT that there would be some lectures(on her ability to stay in industry for long time) about Madonna in some schools of europe.But its surprising to know that you guys are already practising it.


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