Friday, September 01, 2006

Sound Canadian

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Your accent tells people your heritage. Not only is that something to be
proud of, it can indicate you are multilingual and have experience beyond

Language issues can be a huge stumbling block in developing or advancing a
career.That's a truth not only for foreign-born professionals but for many
Canadian-born English speakers, says Bonnie Gross, a speech pathologist and
president of Toronto-based training firm SpeechScience International

"No matter how bright and knowledgeable you are, if you are aiming
for management or leadership, you need the ability to get your message across
and have it understood immediately, or you are going to miss out on

  • Why does it matter that people have different ways of expressing
    "In everyday life it doesn't but, in the business world, where
    you have to convey information precisely, if what you say is confusing or sounds
    too laid back, people will get the impression that you lack expertise and
    enthusiasm," Ms. Gross says
  • Listening to and trying to emulate others who speak English well can help,
    but you must be systematic about it and tune your ear to subtleties of emphasis
    and pitch.
  • It is also difficult for people from India to pronounce words that contain
    the combination "th" or that start with the letter R. Repeating
    a sentence like 'With or without the ruler" about 50 times in a row slowly each
    day for several weeks will help make the pronunciations flow more naturally, Ms.
    Gross says.


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