Thursday, August 17, 2006

An interesting incident happened today. We have “class norms”- where we have decided that students will not bring laptops to class, keep mobile phones switched off, and avoid taking a bio- break during the middle of the class. This is to allow the professor to continue their flow of thoughts and minimize any distraction. The class has followed these guidelines since the beginning of the MBA program and we have hardly had any cases of concern till now. But, during the Finance class today, one of the mobile phones suddenly rang out loud. The class was disturbed. People looked at the guy who got the call. Our pal, not expecting this was taken by surprise. He was about to apologize but before he could speak anything, the professor quickly looked at him and said "Tell the person on the phone that I am busy and can't take the call!" The whole class was in splits and we all had a good laugh. !:)

The stage 2 has gained momentum.Nah, am not talking about the classes but about the other events. The consulting club has started conducting mock case interviews. The Finance club is conducting knowledge info sessions. The club had been to a few 'Wine and Cheese' sessions organized by some leading banks in Canada. Tomorrow, a few of them visit the trading floor of a leading financial institution. The other thing that is being discussed a lot these days is the MBA games. The MBA games is the highlight of the MBA program.” Every January, students from more than 20 business schools from across the country meet at a Canadian city to participate in numerous academic, athletic and team spirit competitions in an event known as the MBA Games. This competition is a social high point of the year for many students and is the perfect venue to exhibit Queen’s pride and spirit".The MBA game was started by the Queen's University in 1998. At every MBA games, a dinner party is hosted by the Queen's School. We had a poor performance last year but the folks in this year's class are determined to "bring home the club”.


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